Team Treehouse Review [2024] : Perfect Place To Learn To Code as a Beginner

Team Treehouse is an online education program where you can learn how to code from scratch. This program is best suited for beginners who don’t have any prior knowledge of coding/programming.

Team Treehouse has a large collection of training videos that are taught by experts in their respective fields. These videos cover beginner to advanced topics in programming.

You can learn to build websites, create apps on iPhone and Android, code with Ruby on Rails and PHP, and more. I myself have started to learn the basics of programming using the Team TreeHouse program.

Team TreeHouse has more than a thousand videos in its arsenal at present. More videos are being added regularly.

This Team Treehouse review 2024 won’t be justified if we forget to mention the creators of the TreeHouse program. They are Ryan Carson and Gillian Carson. TeamTreehouse was founded on March 22, 2011.

Their mission statement reads the following.

Our mission is to bring affordable technology education to people everywhere in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world.

Team Treehouse Content Review

The training content in the Team Treehouse website is mainly divided into Tracks and Library.

Team Treehouse Tracks

The Treehouse tracks are meant to provide the learner with the roadmap through different languages and common development stacks.

team treehouse review

Here are the topics covered in these tracks.

  • Learn HTML – Duration 10 hours
  • Web Design – Duration 43 hours
  • Beginning JAVASCRIPT – Duration 19 hours
  • Full Stack Foundations – Duration 38 hours
  • Beginning JAVA – Duration 10 hours
  • Intermediate JAVA – Duration 17 hours
  • Java Web Development – Duration 36 hours
  • Front End Web Development – Duration 59 hours
  • Beginning C# – Duration 17 hours
  • Intermediate C# – Duration 10 hours
  • Beginning PHP – Duration 15 hours
  • Beginning PYTHON – Duration 16 hours
  • Intermediate PYTHON – Duration 9 hours
  • Beginning iOS – Duration 24 hours
  • Intermediate iOS – Duration 30 hours
  • Full Stack JAVASCRIPT – Duration 49 hours
  • Learn RUBY – Duration 20 hours
  • Rails Development – Duration 25 hours
  • Intermediate PHP – Duration 16 hours
  • Beginning ASP.NET – Duration 16 hours
  • Beginning ANDROID – Duration 11 hours
  • Intermediate ANDROID – Duration 7 hours
  • Object-Oriented PHP – Duration 14 hours
  • Beginning DATA science – Duration 26 hours
  • UX Design – Duration 13 hours
  • Beginning SQL – Duration 10 hours
  • Advanced ANDROID – Duration 14 hours
  • Design PRIMER – Duration 12 hours
  • Beginning SWIFT – Duration 14 hours
  • Beginning DATA analysis – Duration 5 hours
  • Learn REACT – Duration 7 hours
  • Beginning SECURITY – Duration 5 hours
  • Exploring FLASK – Duration 18 hours
  • Algorithms and Data Structures – Duration 6 hours
  • Intermediate SWIFT – Duration 9 hours
  • Digital Literacy – Duration 12 hours
  • Exploring DJANGO – Duration 33 hours


You can also use the LIBRARY section of Treehouse member’s area to access the catalogue of all the courses they have to offer. These courses can be arranged based on topic or difficulty.

The Treehouse Techdegree Program

This is a guided learning program that was launched by Team Treehouse in May 2016. The main aim of this Techdegree program is to help students prepare for entry-level programming and web development jobs.

Team treehouse techdegree review

At the time of writing this Team Treehouse review, there were four Techdegree programs available for students. They are the Front End Web Development, Full Stack JavaScript, User Experience (UX) Design and PhP.


Team Treehouse offers a 7 day free trial to all those who want to try their courses risk free. After the 7 day trial period is over you will have the following plans to choose from.

Basic Plan

Treehouse’s basic plan will cost you $25/month. Most beginners chose this particular plan to start their journey into the world of programming. This is a low-risk high-value plan that offers the following.

  • On-demand, expert-led video courses
  • Interactive practice sessions
  • Access to the online community of fellow students at Team Treehouse

Pro Plan

This plan gives you access to the full library and new BETA tools along with all the features included in the BASIC plan. Pro plan is going to cost you $49/month. Here’s what’s included.

  • Access everything from Basic
  • Get unlimited access, including bonus content
  • Access to new beta features
  • You can download videos for offline learning

Techdegree Plan

This plan allows you to create a job-ready portfolio. Here you will be able to create projects and review real code. The techdegree plan costs $199/month. Here’s what is included in this plan.

  • Everything from Basic and Pro
  • Curated curriculum and projects
  • Personalized feedback on your code
  • Self-paced and flexible scheduling
  • Real-time support from Treehouse staff and Techdegree students on Slack

Team Plans

This plan is best suited for those who have the need for training 2 people or more. The pricing is customized for this plan. Here’s what you get.

  • Everything from Basic and Pro
  • Dedicated customer success team
  • The ability for team members to test out of content
  • Customized learning tracks for company-specific goals
  • Robust reporting on individual success
  • Flexible licensing options
treehouse review

Team TreeHouse Review Conclusion

I have tried this online learning program first hand. It is a really good platform for all those newbies who have no prior technical skills but are eager to learn to code.

The video training included is really top class and we can choose to learn at our own pace.

Programming is a great skill to have, especially in today’s competitive world, where computers have entered all kinds of industries and where employers are always looking for people with coding and IT knowledge. If you want to learn a skill that someday may land you a six-figure job, Team Treehouse is for you.

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