Animaker Review: A Look At The Popular Video Animation Software

Welcome to our Animaker review. In this post today, I am going to look at the popular video creator and animation platform called ‘ANIMAKER’.

Animaker is a tool that allows anyone to create studio-quality animated and live-action videos in minutes. The software is packed with powerful features that make it easy to produce professional-looking videos fast. 

It also has a large collection of pre-made templates and a huge asset library that make it easy to create unique and engaging videos, quickly.

Also, you don’t have to download or install anything on your PC to use Animaker. You just have to sign up for an account and start using it right away.

Now, in this Animaker review, we will just briefly go through all the unique features Animaker has to offer and see how easy it is to create a video using this tool.

Let’s get started.

Animaker Features Review

Using the Animaker video tool you can create different types of videos easily. You can create explainer videos, product videos, cartoon videos, GIFs and short videos, and more. You can also use Animaker for live video editing.

Now let’s start this review by looking at some of the unique features Animaker has.

HTML 5 Engine

With Animaker, you can create stunning animated videos without spending a fortune on software or hiring a team of expensive animators. The HTML5 engine ensures seamless performance on all browsers, so you can produce top-quality animations with ease.

Professional Templates

Animaker is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to create professional-grade videos without spending hours in a dark editing suite. They have tons of templates that are ready to help you get started, and you can customize every part of them in under 10 minutes.

Video Asset Library

With Animaker, you can make videos that are both creative and engaging. They have one of the largest libraries of animated characters, properties, backgrounds, icons, and more to help you make videos that stand out.

Whether you’re making a marketing video, an explainer video, or just want to add some fun animation to your YouTube channel, Animaker can be the perfect place for you to get started.

Character Builder

You need not be a one-trick pony when using Animaker. With this video animation tool, you can create custom characters to really stand out in your videos. With over 15 facial features and 10 accessories slots, you can build the character of your dreams.

Voice Over and Lip Sync

Animaker’s voiceover feature makes adding character dialogues easy and fun. With auto lip-sync, you can create videos with real-life talking characters in minutes.

Whether you’re creating a commercial, promotional video, or just want to add some humour, Animaker’s voiceover feature is a great way to take your videos to the next level.

Facial Expressions

With over 20 facial expressions to choose from, you can create characters that are truly alive and expressive. These facial expressions will give your characters a personality that will engage and entertain your audience while also bringing your stories to life!

Smart Move Feature

With the Smart Move feature, you can move objects effortlessly and create complex animations. With just a few clicks, you can animate any object to move from one place to another. You can save a lot of time and effort with this feature alone.

These were some of the cool features Animaker offers. Now let me continue this Animaker review and quickly show you how to create cool and engaging video animations using the tool.

How to Create Animation Videos with Animaker?

Once we log inside our dashboard this is what we see. BTW we have a 30% discount link for anyone who wants to give Animaker a shot. Check out the link below.

This is what we recommend now

There are all these options available for us to create videos in different sizes and resolutions.

Animaker Review

Then there are different templates which we can edit and use to create our videos. They are arranged into different categories such as video ads, invites, social media videos, intros, outros, presentations, GIFs and many more.

Animaker Templates Review

If you aren’t feeling like creating a video from scratch, these templates can work wonders for you.

However, for this review, let’s see how to create a video from scratch.

Let’s click on the ‘create’ button, to get started.

Now as you can see, there are these different options available for us. We can create a video, a GIF, a character, or a presentation. We can also create a voice over using the in built Text to Speech engine or create a screen capture video.

For this demo, let’s click on the ‘Create a Video’ option and choose the ‘Blank Page’ as our starting point.

Now, as mentioned earlier, I am not going to give you an in-depth tour of this tool.

That may take me hours.

Instead, let me show you the bare minimum that is required to get started with Animaker.

Also, there are already many in-depth tutorials included inside the Animaker platform that can help you with all the basics and advanced techniques required to create professional videos. So there is no point in me going over all that again.

Now, once we enter the workspace this is what we see.

Animaker Workspace

There is a workplace in the centre, all the assets on the left, the timeline editor below and all your scenes on the right.

First, let’s have a look at all the different assets.

If you have changed your mind and want to use a pre-made template for your video, you can access all the different templates from the left ‘assets’ section.

Then there is the characters section.

This section has male, female and children’s characters for use in different scenarios.

Another cool thing about Animaker is the ‘character builder’.

Yes, that’s right. You can actually create your own character and use it in any of your videos.

Isn’t that cool?

We can start creating our own custom character from here.

Just click on ‘create your own’ to continue. [You can watch the video below to find out how exactly it is done.]

Now let’s select the gender.

Once that’s done we can choose a look and start customizing it.

On the character builder page, we can customize every element of the character. There are options to change the skin tone, face shape, hair, eyes, nose, lips and even wrist wear.

You can also make the character wear a mask or have a tattoo.

character builder

Once you have created a character, you can save it and return to the main dashboard, where the character you created will be automatically added to the assets library.

Then there are different shapes, emojis, text animations, backgrounds, stock photos and videos, music and more. We can also easily upload our own assets to Animaker, for use in our videos.

Now, as you can see here, there are 3 options. One is for the animation timeline, the other one is for the video timeline and the last one is the camera timeline.

We can easily choose a background from the assets section.

To add a character to the scene, just click on the chosen character. It will be automatically added to the scene.

We can drag and drop the character and resize it very easily.

When we choose a character, a window pops up that has all the settings related to the character.

Using these settings we can change the colour, animate the character, flip the character and make the character move.

Also, on the side, there are different actions and expressions that can be applied to the character with a click of a button. There are hundreds of actions and around 20 expressions.

Now let’ see, how to make the character move, from point A to point B.

To add the moving effect we need to assign a walking action to the character. But with this effect the character only has the walking action but doesn’t move.

Now, to add the moving effect, we need to place the character in the desired position and then add the ‘smart move’ effect.

There are all these different motion paths. Let’s choose the straight line and click on apply.

And that’s it. Now our character is walking from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’.

We can easily adjust the speed of the motion by adjusting the ‘cursor positions’ on the timeline.

There is another cool animation effect you can do inside Animaker, which is to add multiple animations as a sequence.

This can be done using the ‘Action Plus’ feature.

Similarly, we can add voice over to the character. We can upload a file, record a voice-over or use the inbuilt Text to Speech engine.

The inbuilt voice generator, however, is nothing great but gets your job done.

In the same way, you can create more scenes by adding different characters, text, assets etc. and create an animated video in no time.

There are also hundreds of royalty-free music files which can be added to your video with a click of a button.

Once everything is done, publish the video and download it to your computer.

You can also publish directly to YouTube, Facebook and many other social platforms.

Animaker Pricing

Before winding up this Animaker review, let’s quickly look at the pricing. By the way, we also have a special offer for you that gives you a whopping 30 per cent discount on any plan you choose.

Isn’t that great?

So, there are 4 plans.

Basic, starter and pro and the enterprise.

The enterprise plan is for big agencies.

The basic plan costs 10 dollars per month, the starter plan costs 19 dollars and the pro plan costs 49 dollars per month respectively if you choose the yearly billing cycle.

With the basic plan, you can download 5 videos, with the starter 10 and with the pro plan 50 video downloads per month respectively.

To get an in-depth look at the pricing and the software itself, you can use the link given above.

By the way, don’t forget to check out the 30 per cent discount I mentioned earlier.

Animaker Review Verdict

As you just saw, Animaker is a very powerful video animation software that lets anyone create their own animations with ease.

With the help of this platform, you can easily create and animate a character in minutes.

This can be a great way to bring your imagination to life.

I am sure you will find this software useful in many ways.

Now, you don’t need to hire a professional animator and spend thousands of dollars just in order to animate a simple video.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and start creating cool animations today.

I will see you in the next post.

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