How To Make Money Online in India In 2024?: Best Ways To Earn from Home

Do you want to learn how to make money online in India? If yes, this blog post can be a great starting point for you.

In today’s competitive world getting a decent paying job in India can be a herculean task. The number of skilled and educated people in India that are looking for jobs today is significantly higher than the actual available jobs.

Even if we get a job in India, the salary here can be very low. According to various sources it has been estimated as the per capita income in India is around ₹1,35,048. Per capita income refers to the average income earned by a person in a specific region (India) for the given year.

What it literally means is that the average person in India is earning only ₹11254 per month. Considering the average cost of living in India, ₹11254/month is pretty low. And that’s why we need to look for ways to make extra money on the sides. And there is no better way to generate extra income than to make money online in India.

To help you get started we have compiled the list of best ways to make money online in India as a beginner.

Best Ways To Make Money Online In India as a Beginner

Although there are numerous ways of making money online, not all of them are effective and not every method is suited for Indians. Many of the online income generation programs don’t approve applications from Indians and people from other Asian countries, for reasons only known to them.

So here’s what actually works. Many of these methods have worked for me and am sure it will work for anyone who puts enough hard work into them.


Blogging is the easiest way to start an online business in India today. A blog is a website but with dynamic content. Meaning, you need to update the existing content and add fresh content regularly in a blog. Whereas a classic website contains articles that are not updated very often.

Getting started with a blog is very easy these days. You can visit this link if you want to learn how to start a blog within minutes. We have also included a screenshot of one of our sales and the money we made with that.

How to Make Money Blogging in India?

There are many ways to make money from a blog. But the best way to make money blogging is through advertisements and affiliate marketing. You can also start selling your own products and services on your blog and make money by doing that.

There are people who make six-figure income (in US dollars) just by selling products and services on their blogs.

Here, I have explained exactly how to make money blogging.


  • Starting a blog is easy. With the rise of WordPress as a CMS, it has become even easier today. You can get started with your new blog within minutes.
  • It is relatively cheap.
  • Once established your blog can become a great source of passive income. It can even make you money when you are asleep.


  • Starting a blog is easy but making money from it, isn’t. It can take you a long time to start making money with your blog.
  • Most bloggers don’t make life-changing income from their blogs. Yes, it’s the harsh truth of blogging. It happens because most newbie bloggers are either not committed to their online business or quit too soon.
  • It may become boring. Blogging may become a monotonous activity if you are not interested in writing or in the niche you chose.

Affiliate Marketing On ClickBank in India

This one is by far my favourite way of making money online in India. Affiliate marketing is the online business model where you can make money promoting and selling other people’s products and services. And ClickBank is one such affiliate market place that allows you to do that.

Here’s a screenshot of my most recent affiliate commissions earned on ClickBank. It was from the sale of a single product. The product was a high-end training program that was giving around $418 (approx) in affiliate commissions. ClickBank credits the affiliate commissions through direct deposits to banks in India.

You can see below how it shows that I received INR 28,427.25 from ClickBank. ClickBank holds some of your affiliate commissions and releases it after a few days. In this case, they held up around $50 and released the remaining.

clickbank india

You can learn more about making money on ClickBank in this ClickBank review article.


  • Affiliate marketing is free to get started.
  • The barrier for entry is very low and no technical skills required.
  • If done properly affiliate marketing can fetch you a load of money.


  • As is the case with blogging, getting started with affiliate marketing too is easy but making money from it is difficult.
  • Affiliate marketing may be considered a secondary way of making money online. Meaning, you always need a primary platform to share your affiliate link with your audience. That platform may be a blog, a website, a YouTube channel, an eBook, etc. And building an audience and making money from them using affiliate marketing takes a lot of work and time.
  • Chances of failure are higher, if not done properly.
make money online in india

Online Writing Jobs

If you love writing and if you want to make money online in India without investment, online writing jobs can be a good source of income. People are willing to pay upwards of $50 per article if you have great content writing skills.

If you are a person with average writing skills (like most of us are), you may earn a few hundred rupees per article depending on the platform you choose to provide your writing services on.

The amount of money you make from online writing jobs varies for each platform. Some job portals like to pay hourly while others may prefer to pay for the total word count. Some like to pay for the entire project. Here’s a screenshot of one such advertisement for online writers.

make money with writing jobs


Freelancing can be a great way to make money online fast if you have the required skills. A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and who isn’t necessarily committed to a single employer for a long time.

You can be a freelancer and offer your services in a variety of categories. You can choose to be a graphic designer, web designer, WordPress expert, email marketing expert, copywriting expert, etc, etc.

You can even offer your services in photoshop, data entry, astrology, numerology, tarot reading and more.

I earned roughly a thousand dollars a few years back offering my services as a landing page designer. I don’t do freelancing work anymore, but it was a really good experience.

If you want to make money with freelancing, Fiverr can be a great place to get started. There are also other platforms like Upwork dot com, Guru dot com, freelancer dot com and more. But Fiverr is the best place to start if you are a newbie and if you want to get that initial taste of freelancing.


  • Freelancing is easy to get started.
  • It is free to get started.
  • You can make money really fast, depending on the type of service you are planning to sell.


  • It may start feeling like an offline real-world job we usually do in the offices. You will have time commitments and deadlines.
  • This isn’t a passive income opportunity. You will have to actively work and complete the projects for a timely delivery. If not, you will end up earning nothing.
  • You may need specialized skills to start making money online as a freelancer. This online business idea may not be for you if you don’t have any specialized skills that can be sold as a service online.
  • Scaling the Freelancing business can be really tough.

Amazon Associates Program

The affiliate program managed and run by the e-commerce giant and its subsidiaries is called the Amazon associates program. It is one of the largest affiliate programs in the world.

Indians are also allowed to take part in this popular affiliate program. One important thing to remember is that the Amazon in each country needs you to apply separately for its associate’s program.

Meaning, if you have an affiliate account for Amazon dot com you can’t use the same details to promote products on Amazon dot in. You will have to apply separately and get approval.

Amazon associates program is a genuine affiliate program that pays like clockwork. I usually get paid on the 28th or 29th of the month. Amazon dot in pays through net banking while Amazon dot com and other country programs pay through cheque.

Here’s the cheque I received recently from Amazon Canada associates program.

amazon canada payment india

You can head over to Amazon’s website to sign up for their associate’s program which is free to join.

Earn Money from YouTube

YouTube currently has more than 2 billion users. That’s almost one-third of the internet. Those numbers itself reveal YouTube’s potential to generate revenue online. There is no reason why you shouldn’t take a piece of that pie.

Thousands of YouTubers from around the world are earning a living online purely based on YouTube. Here’s how much YouTubers make and who are the top 10 YouTubers at present.

YouTubers mainly earn money through advertisements and affiliate marketing. In the later stages, when (and if) they become popular and gain millions of subscribers, sponsorships start pouring in. People are getting paid thousands of dollars just for a brand mention in their videos.


  • You can make a lot of money with YouTube if you survive the competition.
  • If you like being on camera this is the perfect way to make money online in India for you.
  • You can get a large following in a short period of time. If you are after fame and name, there’s no better platform online than YouTube.
  • This is one of the best ways to become a social media influencer.


  • Because it’s such a lucrative online business model, the competition is really high on YouTube.
  • If you don’t find your own unique angle while creating content for YouTube, your YouTube channel may eventually fail.
  • If you are camera shy, this may not be for you.

Earn Money Through E-Commerce

E-commerce actually refers to any kind of business that is carried on online. Here, what we are interested in is, making money buying and selling goods on the internet. According to estimates, in 2020 the e-commerce industry grew to be $4 trillion in market size.

You can start making money through e-commerce by setting up your own online store and selling goods. Shopify is a good place to start your online store. You can also try running an Amazon store.


  • It can be really profitable.
  • The conversion rates can be much higher than in blogging or affiliate marketing.
  • The feeling of running a real business online, if that’s what you are looking for.
  • As most eCommerce store owners like spending money on advertisements to bring visitors to their online shops, they don’t have to wait for days or even months to get visitors. The traffic is instant.


  • Choosing the wrong niche/market can make it difficult for you to successfully run your eCommerce store.
  • Getting free traffic/visitors to your blogs may be difficult.
  • You may need to spend money on advertisements to bring visitors to your eCommerce stores.
  • This online business idea may not be passive.

Make Money Writing And Selling eBooks

Ebooks are electronic books. They are books in the digital format that are published online. These can be downloaded or delivered on the internet.

Ebook publishing can be a great source of income online if done right. There are many successful writers who have earned life-changing money writing and selling eBooks. People like Hugh Howey and Amanda Hocking are two such names. Both of them made money publishing eBooks on the Amazon Kindle platform.

At one point Hugh Howey generated $150,000 per month selling eBooks while Amanda Hocking generated over $2 million in sales from her novels.

Other than Amazon there are platforms like Smashwords, Kobo, Nook Press, etc. where you can publish your ebooks and earn money.

Make Money Online Selling Apps

The app development industry is currently a million-dollar industry. There is an app for even the silliest of tasks you can imagine. If you are a coder and if you have a great idea you can turn it into an app.

Even if you don’t know to code, you can hire someone to design an app or outsource the complete app development process to one of the many app development companies online. But please remember that this a very highly competed online business model and there are already hundreds of apps for every task you can imagine. So you need to be very creative to make money from apps.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA, otherwise known as Fulfilled by Amazon is a service for people who want to start selling online. With this service, you can store your goods in Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers from where people from Amazon will pick up, pack and ship to the customers, whenever there is an order.

They also handle customer support. This is great for you if you want to make money selling online but don’t want to handle the other nuisances that come along with it.


Dropshipping is gaining popularity as a very effective way to make money online in India. Many people in India are earning in lakhs per month following this online business model.

Dropshipping is an online business model where you take customer’s orders and the shipment details along with the payment and then transfer the order to a wholesaler or the product manufacturer, who will then ship the product directly to the customer.

What it means is that you don’t need to store any goods on your own. Everything is shipped by the manufacturer, wholesaler or another retailer. You collect the payment from the customer and pay the manufacturer.

Of course, it’s a given that to make a profit you will have to charge the customer a higher price than the one you are paying the manufacturer or the wholesaler.


These were some of the best ways to make money online in India, especially as a beginner. Affiliate marketing, blogging, and freelancing are my favorite ways among them. If you want to learn about affiliate marketing please watch this free video training.

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