Is WPX Hosting Really That Good? Are There Any Drawbacks?

Whenever someone asks me to recommend a good web hosting service for their WordPress blog or a website I usually suggest them WPX hosting. That’s the hosting I use for my WordPress blogs and the one I usually recommend.

Is WPX hosting really that good even in the year 2020? Are there any drawbacks or is it the perfect web hosting for WordPress blogs?

Let’s find out.

What Is WPX Hosting? Is It Good For WordPress Blogs?

If you didn’t know already, WPX hosting is a managed WordPress hosting service that is offered in 3 different plans. It isn’t your typical ‘cheap shared hosting’ kind of hosting. You can host up to 5 of your WordPress websites in the ‘WPX Business Plan’ which is the starter plan they offer.

So if you are looking to host unlimited websites for a cheap price on a sluggish web hosting server that crashes all the time, WPX hosting isn’t for you.

Now, to the important question.

Is WPX Hosting good?

My short answer is YES.

Its a very good WordPress hosting that is offered at a very competitive price. I host a few of my important blogs on the WPX hosting and am a very happy customer. Here’s a screenshot of my WPX hosting dashboard, where this blog is hosted.

is wpx hosting good

BTW if you have decided to go with WPX hosting, here is a WPX hosting promo code that gives you a 50% discount on the first monthly billing fee.

Why do I recommend WPX Hosting?

As I have mentioned at many places on this blog, I only recommend software and services that I believe in. And WPX hosting is one of them. When I say that they are one of the best in the business, you have got to believe me :-).


Because I currently have more than 10-15 websites hosted on different web hosting services and plans and I know how each of them performs.

Now let’s have a look at the performance screenshot of Smart Webpreneur, that is hosted on WPX hosting.

The following performance test was carried out on the website, which is a popular free platform for measuring the performances of your websites and blogs.

Here are my results.

wpx hosting preformance

Here’s What I Like About WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting Customer Support

They have got a stellar customer support team. Their support staff are really knowledgeable and know what they are doing. They are quick to respond. I really loved their professionalism. That’s the best support I have experienced online so far when it comes to web hosting companies.

Website Performance

I have already shown you the performance screenshot above, which says it all. WPX hosting servers are really fast and have an amazing uptime.

My WordPress blogs on a shared web hosting plan on another hosting company (don’t want to name them here) were down for approximately 50 minutes. Here’s the screenshot.

That’s horrible!

Thankfully, that’s not the case with WPX hosting.

Free Website Migrations

This was a real lifesaver for me (in fact, for my website). As I am not a software expert nor a web designer, migrating websites is always a headache. I normally use migration plugins or Vaultpress to do this job. But due to some unknown reasons, I couldn’t successfully migrate my WordPress websites this time.

Fortunately, there were 5 free website migrations available for my plan at WPX. I simply filled up the website migration request form and my websites were migrated manually within 24 hours, without any downtime.

Free SSL

This is a great relief. Also, installing the SSLs on our websites is a piece of cake. All we need is a click of a button.

Easy To Use Hosting Panel

This hosting panel is the easiest I have used to date. Everything has been organized really well. Accessing the file manager, email accounts, FTP accounts, etc. is really easy. Installing WordPress also can be done very easily from within the dashboard.

Are There Any Negatives To WPX Hosting?

Although I am really happy with this hosting, there is one limitation that always keeps lingering. They only offer 10GB of disc space for the business plan. I know, that won’t be a limitation in the beginning. But I feel 10 GB of the disc space is a little too less for 5 websites.

I haven’t yet crossed the disc space limit of 10 GB because 2 of my websites are really small and don’t take up any space. So, in reality, I am only using 3 full-fledged WordPress websites on my business hosting plan.

This isn’t a much of an issue if you are a beginner blogger and if you are hosting one or two websites, which is what I recommend you to do.

Is This Hosting Too Costly?

The least expensive plan on the WPX hosting is going to cost you $24.99 per month in the monthly billing cycle and $20.83 per month in the yearly billing cycle. It isn’t very costly but isn’t cheap either.

You can read my WPX hosting review if interested in knowing the entire WPX pricing structure and other details.

So if you are on a very tight budget, this hosting may not be for you. I suggest you go with this hosting if you are limited on cash.

But if you are serious about your online business, WPX shouldn’t be very expensive for you.

After all, Google has confirmed that the overall speed and performance of our website is one of the important deciding factors of our search engine rankings. And web hosting plays a major role in deciding the performance and speed of websites.

That’s why I recommend this hosting even for beginners and that’s why I feel WPX hosting is still a very good WordPress hosting in 2020.

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