Should You Start A Blog In 2024? Is Blogging Worth It?

Blogging is one of the best ways to start an online business. If done right, it can be a great source of income as well as a means to build a lot of following quickly. But is blogging easy? Should you start a blog in 2024? Is the blogging industry already overcrowded? Is blogging worth it?

I started blogging in the year 2013. I didn’t make any significant money from my blogs, for the first 4 years. I started earning money from blogging only after 4-5 years of struggle. 

Don’t get me wrong. I am earning decent money from my blogs. But it’s not a life-changing income. Not yet. So, should you start a blog in 2024 or not?

Should You Start A Blog In 2024 Or Is Blogging Overhyped?

Let me give you a frank answer here, without beating around the bush. If you are looking to make money online fast and support your family, starting a blog in 2024 may not be the right approach for you.

As you can see from my own example, it took me 5 years to make a decent income from blogging. But the blogging scene has changed significantly in these five years. I believe, it is even more difficult today to start making money from your blog fast.

Don’t want to sound like a pessimist here. But its the fact. I don’t want you to struggle, how I did.

Here I have enlisted a few reasons why you should not start a blog in 2024. Don’t worry, below I have also given you reasons why you should start blogging in 2024 🙂

should you start a blog

Why Blogging May Not Be The Right Fit for You

You should not start a blog if you belong to one of the following categories.

If You Don’t Like Writing

Please don’t start a blog if you don’t like writing. Now, people may say differently. People suggest you hire writers for your blog if you don’t like writing. There are bloggers who outsource all the content creation part. But what they don’t say is how much they spend on getting things done.

A single well-written article (by a native English speaker) containing a thousand words itself may cost you nearly a hundred dollars or more. And most of us don’t have that budget while just getting started. See the picture below for an actual screenshot from one such blog content writing service.

So the right way to start a blog is by actually blogging. ‘Writing’ is an integral part of a successful blog. If you don’t like writing I suggest you stay away from blogging.

If You Want To Make Money Online Fast

As I have already told you, it took me almost five years to start making money with blogging. So if you want to earn money fast, get a job. Blogging is not the way to do it.

Want To Start Blogging For Free

If you want to start a blog without investing any money, blogging may not be for you. Blogging, like any other business, requires investment. If a person wants to make a living online with zero investment, he or she may not be the right fit for such a business.

Blogging doesn’t require you to invest millions. But you still need to invest in hosting, domain and a few other basic expenses. Read this if you want to know how much does it cost to start a blog.

If You Are Not Passionate

If you want are not passionate about the topic or the niche you chose for blogging, you may not be able to survive the competition. Without passion, you won’t be able to create quality content consistently. And success in blogging requires producing quality articles, consistently for a long period of time.

Why Blogging May Be The Right Fit For You

If You Like Writing

If you like writing there is no better way to make money using your skill than blogging. If you are able to produce great content consistently that provides immense value to your readers, success is mostly ensured.

If You Are Ready To Wait

Blogging demands patience and persistence. They say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and neither is a successful blog. You may have to wait a few years to start getting positive results from blogging.

If you are ready to wait that long without losing your patience and continuously producing great content, your blog may become a source of full-time income.

If You Have A Lot To Share

If you have a lot of expertise in a subject and if you feel that sharing your experiences may help a few lives to change for good, start blogging today.

If You Have a Lot of Free Time

If you have a lot of free time, starting a blog may be a great way to utilize that extra time you have at your disposal. Who knows, if everything clicks, your hobby blog may just turn into a six figure online business.

What’s The Final Advice? Should You Start a Blog In 2024 Or Not?

I would suggest you start a blog if you are in a dilemma. It doesn’t cost much and it doesn’t need you to be a technical genius. If you can type on your computer, you can start a blog.

I have already mentioned above, what you can expect from blogging and whatnot. If you keep those things in mind, you are good to go.

BTW if you want to start a blog on a limited budget, this guide will help you do just that.

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