Adsense for Kannada: Is Kannada Language Supported by Google Adsense?

Are you planning to start a Kannada blog?

If yes, you may have already planned about monetizing your blog. After all who doesn’t want to make money online and live the life of their dreams.

But if you are thinking of using Adsense for Kannada site, think again.


Here is why.

Recent Update about Kannada and Google Adsense

The Kannada language is now Supported by Adsense. Yes, you heard it right. Happy news for all the Kannada bloggers and content creators. The best and the easiest monetization method is now available for you. Happy blogging.

Is Kannada Language Supported by Google Adsense?

I currently run few blogs in different niches ranging from health and technology to general issues. But all of them are in the English language.

So I and my wife wanted to start a blog in Kannada which is our mother tongue. We assessed the competition in various niches in Kannada and were very happy to know that there was literally no competition in some of the markets.

We registered a domain the very next minute and started writing articles. We wrote 2-3 articles and posted on our blog.

As I already had an approved Adsense account I connected that with my website and added the ad code.

On my most websites, the ads start showing almost immediately when I insert the Adsense code. But that wasn’t the case here.

I had written my Privacy and Disclaimer pages in English for this Kannada blog. So ads started being shown there almost instantly.

But when I checked my other pages written in Kannada font, there were no ads. First I thought, it might be a temporary glitch and everything will be OK the next day.

When I checked the next day morning, everything was the same. There were no Adsense ads being shown on my Kannada articles.

That’s when something hit me.

I had forgotten to check whether the Kannada language was supported by Adsense or not.

I immediately ran a search and visited the Google Adsense page and got a ‘shock’.

Guys, the Kannada language is not supported by Google Adsense at present.

Below is the list of languages that are currently supported by Google Adsense.

Adsense for Kannada

Languages That Are Supported by Google Adsense

Chinese (simplified)
Chinese (traditional)
Estonian *
Slovenian *
Spanish (Latin American)

* At present, AdSense only supports ad serving in this language. The AdSense product interface and Help Center are not currently available in this language.

What Happens If You Use a Previously Approved Adsense Account on Your New Kannada Blog or Website?

There are some intelligent people out there who want to outsmart Google and beat them in their own game. And using a previously approved Adsense account (which was approved for a site with supported language) is one such trick.

If you are thinking of doing any such thing, stop right now. Because doing that is against the Google Adsense policy and will get your primary Adsense account banned.

How To Monetise Kannada Blogs Without Adsense

The best way to monetize your Kannada blog without Adsense is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an online business model where you can earn money by referring your readers to other people’s products. You earn a specified percentage of commission whenever the person you referred makes a purchase.

This “percentage of commission” may range from 0.1% to 100% depending on the type of affiliate product you are promoting. This can be a lucrative business model.

But please remember that the Kannada readers are still not comfortable with the process of buying online. So making a life-changing money with affiliate marketing on Kannada website alone may not be easy.

What Are The Other Options?

You can try other ad networks for your Kannada website. But again, because of the language limitations, there may be fewer advertisers options. You can try networks like, Taboola etc.

What About The Kannada YouTube Channels?

Actually, I could not find any written documents on the Google policy page regarding the usage of ads on YouTube channels with Kannada as the primary language.

However, I am following many Kannada YouTube channels myself and have seen them monetizing their ads. So according to me, for videos, language isn’t a barrier to earning money through Adsense. Only for the Kannada blogs, the restriction applies.

12 thoughts on “Adsense for Kannada: Is Kannada Language Supported by Google Adsense?”

  1. Sir kannada blog ge adsense approval kodalla sir adakke bere enadaru solutions edena heli sir plz bega I am kannada blogger

    • Adsense won’t allow playing ads on copyrighted content. If you are using other ad networks for preroll ads, then it may work. But that isn’t a dependable way of making money online. Try to build an asset online that is reliable and long-lasting.
      All the best.

  2. I have Kannada blog, but no ads displaying. I have also English article. even though its rejecting my proposal . Please help me

    • Your website or blog should primarily be in a language supported by Google Adsense. Looks like the primary language on your blog is Kannada, which is not supported by Google Adsense right now. Even if you add articles in English, most of your content on the blog is in a nonsupported language. So getting approved will be difficult.

      Also, nowadays, due to the strange circumstances the world is going through, getting approved for Adsense has become even more difficult. If you want to make money with Adsense on your blog, we suggest you start an entirely different blog in English. For more information, you better contact the Adsense support team.


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