Is Make Money Online Niche Too Competitive? : IM Niche Analysis

“Is Make Money Online Niche Too Competitive?”.

“Is the Internet Marketing Niche Saturated?”.

These are two of the commonest questions I come across from newbie bloggers and wannabe internet marketers on this blog. Let’s try to answer this question.

Is MMO Niche Saturated?

The Make Money Online Niche or the Internet Marketing niche is an umbrella term that can mean many things. Make money online or Internet marketing can mean work from home jobs, affiliate marketing, blogging, web designing, email marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, making money with eBooks, passive income streams, etc, etc.

So the make money online niche or the MMO niche isn’t a niche anymore. It’s a big industry. Millions of dollars exchange hands on a daily basis in the internet marketing industry.

Anyway, coming back to the main question.

My answer to the question “Is internet marketing niche saturated?” is a big NO.

Frankly speaking, no niche can be saturated. There is always something new that is coming up, more so in the technological and business industries. The make money online niche always has new opportunities waiting to be tapped.

There is always a new product being released. New money-making opportunity coming up. A new skill to be learned. New software to be managed. A new way of earning money to be explored.

You see, the earning opportunities are limitless when it comes to the MMO or IM niche.

But is it the whole picture?


It is only a part of the story.

Now let’s try to answer the main question.

Is make money online niche too competitive?

The answer to this question is a ‘YES’. Yes, the MMO niche is very competitive these days. It isn’t saturated, it can’t be. But it is definitely very competitive.

How Competitive Is The Make Money Online or the Internet Marketing Niche? – Keyword Analysis

Let’s find out how competitive is the make money online niche.

I will start by doing a quick search for the terms ‘make money online’ and ‘internet marketing’ using a premium keyword tool.

Here are the results I got.

Is Make Money Online Niche Too Competitive

When I did the keyword analysis for the phrase ‘make money online’ it resulted in a global search volume of 220K. As expected, it is a keyword that has a very high demand.

But if you look at the left corner of the image above, you can see the keyword difficulty score for the same keyphrase. The score is ’61’. It means this keyword is hard to rank.

Now let’s look at the keyword analysis report for the keyphrase ‘internet marketing’.

internet marketing niche

The global search volume is considerably lesser for this keyword than the keyphrase ‘make money online’. It is 45K. But the keyword difficulty is higher. It is 67. The keyword ‘internet marketing’ is even harder to rank than the one earlier.

Make Money Online And Other Keyword Difficulty Scores in The US

Now let’s have a look at the other difficulty scores for other keywords in the make money online niche.

make money online niche keywords

These are some of the top keywords that are related to the seed key phrase ‘make money online’. Remember that the country has been set to ‘United States’ for this report.

The term ‘how to make money online’ has 103k searches per month in the US and has a keyword difficulty score of 61. This term is hard to rank.

Similarly the keyword ‘make money online’ has 89K searches in the US and has the difficulty of 61.

Similarly, other related keywords look quite competitive. The only keywords that are appearing easy to rank are the ‘how to make money online without paying anything’ and ‘how to make money in GTA 5 online’.

But I personally don’t feel anyone should target the keyword ‘how to make money online without paying anything’ because the person who is searching for this term obviously doesn’t want to invest/spend any money, to begin with. So it’s very difficult to sell anything to that person.

The same way, the person who is searching for ‘how to make money in GTA 5 online’ is probably wanting to know ‘how to earn money in a game’ called GTA. Targeting both these keywords in the ‘make money online niche’ appears to be pointless.

Don’t Target These Make Money Online Keywords

I also found some strange keywords, which were also funny (at least for me). Most of these were definitely not legal. So please don’t try to target them because they are easy. They are easier for a reason. Here’s the snapshot of these keywords.

Only the keywords ‘ways to make money online Reddit’ and ‘how to make money online Reddit’ are potentially profitable keywords. They have decent search volume and are also easy to rank. Here are some more of the easy, but avoidable keywords.

How To Enter The Make Money Online Niche As A Beginner?

If I was a beginner now, I would not have done the mistake of starting a blog focussing on niches like make money online, blogging, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, etc.

I agree my blog focusses on online business and other related topics. But my primary blogs are in other niches that focus on topics of general interests. Keywords in those niches are much easier to rank.

I am using this blog only as a platform to share my knowledge/experience and generate leads for my consultation services along the way. Right now, the earning potential of this blog has not reached the five figure mark.

So I would suggest you start a blog in a relatively tiny niche if that’s your first blog. Please stay away from health, wealth and relationships in general, if you are a beginner.

Before concluding this post, let me list the major pros and cons of starting a blog in the make money online niche.

Make Money Online Niche: The Pros

Very Interesting

It a very interesting topic. At least for me. I love writing about things related to internet marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing and making money online.


It can be highly profitable. If we know how to get traffic to our blog, a make money blog can be really profitable.

Higher Conversions

These blogs convert well. Most people who search for ways to make money online are people who are ready to invest. The other day I had almost a fifty percent conversion on one of my blog posts. Luckily it was a high priced item that also had recurring payments. So I made around $900 with very limited traffic.

Can Sell Our Own Products

If we want to go the route of product creation, the make money online niche is the best niche to be. In some of the niches, I presently am working on, creating a product or service appears to be impossible. But that isn’t the case in this niche.

Unlimited Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

The affiliate marketing opportunities in this niche are limitless. You have ClickBank, JVzoo, ShareaSale, Amazon and many many more.


People Are Reluctant

Because of the number of scams happening these days, both online and offline, people are reluctant to believe you when you say things like we can make money online or we can create passive income online. You need a lot of time and effort to win your reader’s trust in the make money online niche.

It Can Take Very Long

Because of the cut-throat competition, it can take a very long time for you to succeed, if you start a blog today in this niche. Especially Google doesn’t seem to trust new blogs in this space because frankly most of them are spammy.

So Google may take a year or two before it starts to rank your posts and pages at the top of its search engine provided they are good. It is the way Google ensures that you are not here to make some quick bucks but are genuinely trying to establish an authoritative blog.

That was my answer to the questions ‘Is Make Money Online Niche Too Competitive?’ and ‘is the internet marketing niche saturated’.

Hope you agree with my views.

If you need help regarding choosing your niche or keyword analysis, you can contact me. We will be happy to provide our service.

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