Copy My Cashflow System – Why I Won’t Recommend This To You?

Copy My Cashflow is the newest money-making system on the internet which claims to make you money with the click of a button. I am sure you have already come across many such push-button systems in the past, that promise you instant riches. In this post, I am going to give you my personal opinion about the all-new ‘Copy My Cashflow’ system. which sadly has all the signs of being another scam.

Let’s try to dissect this product and find out what lies beneath it. These opinions are purely based on my individual analysis of this product and I advise you to make an informed decision in case if you are interested in purchasing this product.

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What Exactly is Copy My Cashflow System?

The whole idea behind this system itself is a confusing one, in my opinion. The video on the sales page tells you that at the end of the video you will be handed over few of his (Josh’s) so-called, cash flow websites, that are pre-established in their respective niches and making money.

They call these the closely guarded, profit-pulling, money exploding websites. 🙂

I am not quite sure, why is he making such a big sacrifice to help a bunch of newbies whom he doesn’t know, in return for just 27-37$ one time fee.

The system promises that anyone can make real money with a few clicks of the mouse.

copy my cashflow review

The Red Signals – Why I Feel That Copy My Cash Flow System Is a Scam?

Here are my takes on this COPY MY CASHFLOW SYSTEM.

  • The author of this system Josh claims that he has an online business which has produced him 8 figures in less than 24 months. Ya right. But where is the proof?
  • The sales video on the ‘Copy My Cashflow System’ page itself was the biggest deal breaker for me.
  • As I told earlier they promise that you can make money with a few clicks of your mouse. Exactly 3 clicks! 🙂 That’s how transparent they are, about this whole system. (Sarcasm?) 🙂
  • They also claim that by just tuning into their sales video, you have made some money. And they have proof for that too. Really???
  • Then comes, their real-life user testimonials. They are real-life for sure. But most of those people who are reviewing this system are paid-actors. How do I know that? Well, I have had my share of hands-on experience in the past at selling freelancing services. And I am very sure that few of these people offer their testimonial services in return for a tiny fee on
  • The testimonials itself sound very fake and scripted. Almost all of them are giving the same expressions and keep repeating how fantastic the system is and how they were able to make thousands of dollars within a few hours of getting started. One person in the testimonial video even claims that he could retire early because of this unique money-making system. So it’s basically his retirement plan :-).
  • Then the voice on the sales video will guide you through the snapshots of his earnings with more than 2 million in Paypal pending to be paid to his bank account. He again claims that he has made over 10 million dollars in the past 2 years. He is a millionaire marketer who is busy selling his million-dollar turnover websites for a tiny 37$ one-time fee, all over the internet. In my opinion, that claim is as genuine as it can get. I hope you understand sarcasm well.
  • He also mentions that he can’t publically show the exact method involved in this money-making system, at least not on the sales page. If you want to know this secret that badly, you will have to buy his system. Of course!
  • And then comes the scarcity tactic. They claim that the video will be taken down anytime soon and if you are watching that video, there’s only one spot left to be filled. Again they say that the video will be taken down tonight. And I have been watching this video for a month now. I guess they are from the LAND OF NEVER SETTING SUN.
  • And finally, there comes the ultimate SCAM punch. The presenter shows you what you have earned by simply watching the video. Yes, Really. It’s $135, to be precise!!! It’s not finished yet. Your total earnings reach $175 in the next two minutes. And that’s 40$ in 2 minutes, as they say in the video. Could you imagine the power behind this system? One can be the next Bill Gates or Warren Buffet just by clicking his/her mouse 3 times a day :-))))


I am already feeling overwhelmed with joy.

My Conclusion About Copy My Cashflow System

I personally feel Copy My Cashflow has SCAM written all over it. Again I haven’t seen what’s inside the system and I don’t need to. I have spent enough time on the net and spent thousands of dollars trying and testing various products and money making systems. So I know when it’s worth investing your time and money and when it’s not.

There are no links on this page that take you to the Copy My Cashflow system because we aren’t promoting this product. I recommend you to stay away from this product and invest your hard-earned money in some other system which is genuine and which can give you a long-term return on investment.

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