Avatar Builder Review : Now Create Your Own 3D Avatars And Animation Videos

Welcome to our Avatar Builder review. Avatar Builder is the new avatar creator and 3D animation software created by Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar. These are the same people who created some of our all time favourite video animation tools such as Video Builder, Animation Studio and Doodle Maker.

We still use Video Builder app and Doodle Maker tool in our video marketing campaigns with great success. They are really amazing pieces of software and we are sure Avatar Builder is no different.

But before concluding anything we want to have a closer look at the software and see how it can help us in our online business, especially in our video marketing efforts.

Let’s begin our review of Avatar Builder software.

What Is Avatar Builder?

Avatar Builder is a video animation app that has 3D animation, artificial intelligence, and multilingual video technologies inside a single dashboard.

[Since writing this article there have been many new innovations and improvements in the world of video animation and graphic designing. A tool we use right now and highly recommend to our readers is this. Please have a look.]

Meaning, using the Avatar Builder app you can create “customizable talking 3D avatars”. You can also turn any text into a video using the AI smart scene creator.

This is a cloud-based software. So you don’t need to download or install anything on your device. Also, all the updates will be done automatically.

>>>Download AvatarBuilder From Here<<<

All the features you need to create videos in any language in minutes is already loaded into the AvatarBuilder software. This software eliminates the need to hire spokespersons and voiceover artists. You don’t even need to use multiple video apps to get your job done.

Avatar Builder Review
Avatar Builder Review

What Can You Create Using Avatar Builder?

You can create

  • 3D talking avatar videos
  • Explainer videos
  • YouTube videos
  • Slideshows
  • Educational videos
  • Social media ads and more

Avatar Builder Features

Let’s quickly look at the features and find out what is included in the Avatar Builder animation tool.

  • Disney & Pixar Style 3D Avatars
  • Thousands of Ready-Made Video Templates
  • Visual Custom Avatar Builder
  • Artificial Intelligence Scene Creator
  • Logo Mapping Technology
  • Open-Canvas Custom Video Maker
  • 200+ Award Winning Text-to-Speech Voices
  • 1-Click Language Translation
  • Speech-To-Text Transcription
  • Millions of Royalty-Free Images & Videos
  • Built-in Copyright Free Music Library
  • 720P HD Videos
  • Step-By-Step Training
  • 6 Minutes Max Video Length
  • UNLIMITED Video Renders

Let’s have a closer look at some of these features.

Disney & Pixar Style 3D Avatars

Talking 3D avatar styled videos are known to convert well. We have been using these type of videos with some great results. They are easy to create (with the software) and you don’t have to be on camera. We have been using Video Builder to create talking avatar styled videos in the past.

Now, with the launch of Avatar Builder, the game has been taken to the next level. With Avatar Builder you can not only create talking avatar videos, you can also customize the look of each avatar. That’s really a game changing technology.

Yes, you heard it right. You can choose and custom-make you own 3D avatars. How cool is that?

You can choose from a variety of 3D avatar spokespersons. These 3D avatars represent different age groups, ethnicities, professions and backgrounds. And obviously, they are in both male and female versions.

And you have the total control over customization. You can change the colour and look of almost anything you want. You can change the look of the dress, hair, skin, and accessories of the 3D avatar you have chosen.

You can even customize the colour of the nail. You can also choose from different props like eyeglasses, shoes, watches, vests and more to be added to the 3D avatar.

Done for You Video Templates

You get access to thousands of done for you templates from inside the Avatar Builder dashboard. These video templates represent a variety of niches and topics. This makes it easy to quickly create impressive videos for any marketing campaign you want.

And of course, there is always a way to create a video from scratch, if you don’t find a particular type of template for your campaign, inside the template library.

Smart Scene Creator

This feature involves AI technology that enables you to create videos from any text. These videos contain video scenes with text effects, transitions and voice-overs.

Logo Mapping Technology

With this feature, you can brand 3D avatars with your own logos. To use the Logo Mapping feature you need to upload your logo into Avatar Builder.

The uploaded logo becomes a part of the avatar you created and becomes one with the avatar’s movements. This gives your avatar and the logo a lifelike effect.

Text to Speech Technology

There is an amazing text to speech engine included inside the Avatar Builder software, that converts any text into speech in minutes. There are hundreds of voices in many popular languages and accents.

As mentioned earlier, you can also convert the video into multiple languages with few simple clicks. Inside Avatar Builder, there are also options to record your own voice or upload a recorded voice over file.

Now let’s see how to create 3D talking avatars using the Avatar Builder software.

How to Create 3D Talking Avatar Videos with Avatar Builder?

We just need to follow 8 simple steps to create stunning 3D avatar styled animation videos with Avatar Builder. Watch the official demo video below to find out how the Avatar Builder works.

Choose Video Type

In this step we need to select the type of video we want. At first, we need to select the text effect which we want to be included in our video. There are different types of text effects for you to choose from, like the boxed texts effect, type writer effect, isometric text and so on.

This is useful when you want to create a video from simply by copying and pasting your text into the Avatar Builder tool. You can take your articles, blog posts etc. and turn them into 3D animated explainer videos and long-form sales videos.

You can just hover over your mouse on each of these selections and preview the type of animation effect.

avatar builder video type

Choose Template

Once you choose an option and click on ‘next’ button, you will be presented with several templates based on your selection.

You can choose from hundreds of pre-made templates or choose a blank template to create a video from scratch. All of these templates include professional voice-overs, scripts, and text effects. As mentioned earlier, all of these templates are from different niches and markets.

Now to move forward, choose a ready-made template and click ‘next’.

Choose Avatar

Now it is time to choose the type of 3D avatar we want. There are a ton of options. Choose the one you want and click ‘next’.

Choose Voice or TTS

Now it is time to choose the voice for our video. We have four options. We can choose the inbuilt text to speech engine to generate voice from text, we can use a ready made voice, we can record our own voice or use the speech to text function.

With the ‘speech to text’ option, you can import your own audio which will then be converted into text by the Avatar Builder software. What it means is that using Avatar Builder you can create videos from text and also from audio files.

avatar builder tts

There is also an option to add ‘background music’ to the video.

The voice-over we create or import will be automatically lip-synced with the Avatar we chose. Also, the text will be automatically arranged in different slides and placed in a unique way along with transitions and text effects, thanks to the inbuilt AI.

Text Position

In the next step, we can edit each scene and choose the text that needs to be included in each slide. This is a feature which is similar to the ones used in platforms like Vidnami. In this step, we can also choose the text font for our video. Once everything’s done, click on ‘next’ to continue.

Video Settings

In the next step, we can play with the video settings such as text colour and box colour. We can also upload our company logo, at this stage. Please remember that these changes will apply to all the slides throughout the video. Click on ‘next’ to continue.

Customize The Avatar

Now, this is where Avatar Builder truly shines. It is here, where you can customize your chosen avatar. There are two sections on the screen. On one side there is the preview of the chosen avatar and on the other, there are the adjustments.

You can just click on a section turn it on or off. For example, by just clicking on the ‘hair’ section, you can turn it ‘on’ or ‘off’ (Turning it off will make the person ‘hairless’). You can also choose from a variety of hair styles, using the customization option.

customize avatar

We can use the colour picker option to change the colour of the chosen element. We can change or remove any element of the avatar using the customization options.

Other elements that are customizable in the 3D avatar inside Avatar Builder are eyebrows, fingernails, eyelashes, lips, body, box (prop), shirt, pants, button, belt, shoes and even the shoe lace.

In this step, there is also an option to do logo mapping, which was mentioned in the Avatar Builder features section earlier.

Create Your Video

In the next step, Avatar Builder will generate all the scenes for us, based on our script and other customizations. The whole sequence will be built in just a matter of minutes.

In this section, we can change the background media for each slide. We can choose from a collection of millions of images and video files from inside Avatar Builder software or upload our own file.

We can remove the avatar from a particular slide and just show the scrolling text effect. We can also easily reposition the avatar. There is also an AI background removal feature that comes in handy when editing the video.

Finalize Video

Once all the customization is done, give the project a name and render the video.

And that’s it. Our 3D talking avatar video is ready. Here is the official demo of the tool.

Avatar Builder Demo Video

Avatar Builder Pricing Review

Avatar Builder is available under two plans. Personal and Commercial. The personal license costs $37 and the commercial license costs $47 one time. There are no recurring fees.

You get a lifetime access to the software with free updates. With the commercial license, you can sell the videos created using Avatar Builder app to your clients. Please remember that these prices may change in future.


There are 4 Avatar Builder upgrades being offered.

Upgrade 1 – AvatarBuilder Elite Upgrade ($49 One-Time)

With this upgrade you get access to the following additional features.

  • New customizable 3D avatars added to your AvatarBuilder account monthly for one year
  • Once this upgrade is activated, 5 new premium 3D avatars will be unlocked immediately
  • Premium text effects, animations & fonts
  • Premium stock image/video asset library
  • Unlimited background removal
  • Premium slide transitions
  • 200 premium music files library
  • VIP customer support
  • Premium rendering Amazon cloud server
  • Priority video rendering
  • Priority access to future app updates

Upgrade 2 – AvatarBuilder Agency Upgrade ($67 One-Time)

This upgrade gives you access to the following features.

  • Your maximum video length will be doubled (12mins)
  • You can render videos in 1080p.
  • Ready-made HUMAN voice-overs for all templates
  • Can convert any audio into an amazing video with Speech-To-Text transcription.
  • You can save the CUSTOM avatars you build and then reuse these for future videos.
  • You get access to the Done-For-You video agency package that also includes done-for-you sales video, business cards, brochures, flyers, ready-made emails, invoices, letterheads, client contracts and a whole lot more!
  • Access to Done-For-You client contracts
  • 5 extra accounts for virtual workers & family
  • Access to 150,000 video scripts & articles (create videos on any topic or niche with ease!)
  • Step-by-step videos on how to sell videos and earn money

Upgrade 3 – AvatarBuilder Template Hub Upgrade ($39 One-Time)

You get the following.

  • Brand new video templates from the hottest niches added to your account for 1 year (no monthly fees)
  • You will unlock 500+ new templates immediately after upgrading (50 per category)

Upgrade 4 – AvatarBuilder VoicePro Upgrade ($29 One-Time)

The voice pro upgrade gives you access to the following.

  • You will unlock 100+ premium male & female text-to-speech voices in the most popular languages and accents.
  • You will be able to instantly download up to 400 human voiceovers on the hottest niche topics. You can also download the voice-overs and use them in other video apps.

Avatar Builder Review Conclusion

By looking at the software we can confidently say that Avatar Builder truly delivers. It is a great value for your money. For $47 one time we get lifetime access to the software with the commercial license. Also, the upgrades (optional) are value packed as well.

What more can you ask?

Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar are both well-known marketers who have delivered some fantastic video tools in the past. They really know what they are doing. Also, this team is known for their stellar customer support. So you are in safe hands.

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