HostGator Vs WPX Hosting: Why I Am Moving My Web Hosting from HostGator To WPX Hosting

In this HostGator Vs WPX Hosting article I am going to tell you why I have finally decided to move my WordPress websites from HostGator to WPX hosting. The decision wasn’t very difficult. And hopefully, the moving process won’t be difficult either.

In this post, I am going to share my thoughts about why I felt the need to move my WordPress blogs and websites from HostGator to WPX hosting. I am also going to share the benefits of hosting my websites on WPX hosting and drawbacks.

We will also discuss the pros of hosting on HostGator and the problems with HostGator hosting service if any.

My Experience With HostGator Hosting Service

I have been hosting my websites on HostGator hosting for many years now. Frankly speaking, I haven’t had any major problems with this hosting company.

Being said that, the quality of service they provided a few years back doesn’t seem to be the same right now. It has gradually declined over the years, especially when it comes to supporting their customers.

I purchased the HostGator hosting last year for many of my niche websites because they were offering a low yearly price and also the hosting itself wasn’t very bad either. I actually got the shared hosting plan at HostGator for $40 for unlimited websites. That was really awesome. Here’s my receipt from last year.

Hostgator Vs Wpx

When I signed up and finished migrating all my websites and blogs to HostGator, in the beginning I faced a weird problem with regards to logging in my WordPress dashboard. Somehow my IP address was blocked and I could only login using a VPN service or my second IP address.

I contacted HostGator support team regarding the same issue and strangely their support staff who chatted with me for more than half an hour, couldn’t solve it.

She didn’t even have the basic knowledge about the technicalities involved in hosting, WordPress, plugins, themes, etc. and I had to explain everything to her instead of she solving my problems.

Later I contacted two more support staff at HostGator, none of whom could solve my problems. Finally one of the staff escalated my problem to a senior specialist who solved it quickly.

Moral of the story:

The HostGator support team at the base level, the people who initially chat with us, aren’t equipped with enough knowledge or expertise to solve the problems themselves. You will have to contact a higher official to solve your hosting problems.

Luckily, once that issue was solved I didn’t have any major problems with HostGator hosting. There was a minor glitch recently where I couldn’t log in into my cPanel. But that was resolved automatically after some time.

Here are the things I learned being HostGator web hosting customer, all these years.

Pros of HostGator Hosting

Let me start with the things I like about the HostGator shared hosting plans.

Perfect for Beginners

According to me, they are perfect for beginners. They may not be the best but are one of the contenders in the ‘best web hosting for beginners’ rank list.

They are relatively low cost, easy to use and have different packages to suit everyone’s needs.

How To Start a Blog With HostGator

Here is a step by step guide that shows you how to start a WordPress blog with HostGator

Great UpTime

This is one of the things I love about HostGator web hosting company. Their UpTime is really great. I have been with them for many years now (including last year) and have never experienced ‘downtime’ on my websites and blogs.

This is a huge plus because I have experienced frequent downtimes with my websites/blogs hosted on NameCheap, Interserver and other similar hosting companies.

Huge Discounts

You can easily avail huge discounts on your hosting’s first billing cycle at HostGator, thanks to the regular promotions and sales going on.

This is great for beginners who want to launch multiple websites at a good host but for a lower price.

Why Am I Leaving HostGator? HostGator Cons

Average Speeds

This is expected as I was using their shared hosting plan. But the problem is, similar plans like the shared hosting plan at SiteGround hosting company, can give you much higher speed and performance than the ones you get at HostGator.

Limited Resources

Although the plan says that you can host unlimited websites with unlimited resources usage, that isn’t actually the case. Also, if one of your websites starts getting a sudden surge of traffic, the hosting account may be temporarily suspended.

hostgator problems

Higher Renewal Cost

Remember I told you earlier how I got the HostGator shared hosting plan for $40 for a year? Well, the renewal cost for the same hosting package is nowhere near that. When I checked last, I would have to pay $143 to renew the same hosting package which I got for $40.

HostGator Vs WPX Hosting

I did a lot of research and found three web hosting solutions which according to me are the best WordPress hosting companies right now. They are the WPX hosting, Kinsta hosting, and SiteGround hosting.

I am leaving out Kinsta for now because it costs $30 per month and supports only one domain. Now the remaining two are WPX hosting and SiteGround. For the time being, I have decided to use both of these web hosts for mine and my clients WordPress sites. I am thinking of using WPX hosting for my main sites and the SiteGround hosting for most of my niche sites and new sites.

Why I Chose WPX Hosting Over Other Hosts?

Because they offer truely premium WordPress hosting for a competitive price. They are not as costly as many other managed WordPress hosts out there and nor are they as sluggish as the other shared hosts. WPX hosting is the perfect balance of class and cost. And that’s why I chose WPX hosts over other hosting providers.

Why Don’t I Use WPX Hosting Alone?

Because the starter level package at WPX hosting only supports five WordPress websites and I have a lot more than that. So I needed a plan which allows me to host an unlimited number of websites. And that’s why I chose SiteGround.

HostGator Vs WPX Hosting – The Real Difference

While HostGator hosting provides a range of web hosting solutions for its customers, WPX hosting is an exclusively managed WordPress hosting solution. Now let’s have a look at some of the key differences between the two. It’s HostGator Vs WPX hosting.

Speed And Performance

WPX hosting has much greater server speeds and performance when compared to the websites hosted on, HostGator shared hosting plan.

Number of Websites Supported

The HostGator plan on which I am presently hosted, allows me to host unlimited number of websites. But there is no unlimited website hosting option in WPX hosting.

Price Points

The starter level plan at HostGator may cost you $9.98 per month if you choose to pay monthly. The same may go down to $3.84/month, if you choose a longer billing cycle, say a year or more.

At WPX hosting the pricing starts from $24.99 per month which allows me to host five of my WordPress websites. The same price will go down to $20.83 per month if I choose a longer billing cycle.


With HostGator shared hosting plan there are no free backups. I will have to pay for a third-party service to back up my websites. Actually I am using Jetpack’s Premium service to backup all of my WordPress websites.

But when it comes to WPX hosting I have nothing to worry about. All the WPX hosting plans include free daily backups.

Free SSL Certificates

There are no unlimited free SSL certificates offered in the HostGator shared hosting plans. But WPX hosting gives you access to unlimited free SSL certificates for life.

Staging Area

HostGator shared hosting plans do not offer staging areas whereas WPX hosting does.


Support at WPX hosting is really awesome. They were quick to respond to my questions and were very supportive and knowledgeable. But that isn’t the case with HostGator. I have already mentioned my experience with HostGator support team above. So I don’t find it necessary to repeat the same here.

Renewal Costs

As I mentioned earlier, the renewal costs are much higher for HostGator and many other similar shared hosting companies. But with WPX hosting that isn’t the case. I don’t have to pay anything extra than the normal fee for subsequent renewals.

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