ClipDrop.Co Review – The AI Powered Eco System

welcome to my review. I’ve missed our digital rendezvous. Today, I’m introducing you to this game-changing tool I recently stumbled upon—

Now, before you wonder if it’s just another tool in the vast digital universe, let me assure you, it’s not. has sparked my curiosity and impressed me in ways few tools have managed. It boasts a blend of innovation, user-friendliness, and sheer magic that has the potential to redefine our creative endeavors.

Join me in this deep dive as we unravel the wonders of together. Get ready for a thrilling exploration!

What is ClipDrop?

For those who might not be familiar, is an innovative platform that offers a suite of tools designed for content creators, photographers, designers, and pretty much anyone who deals with visuals.

The unique selling point? It’s all powered by artificial intelligence. Features Review

You might be asking yourself, ‘What can ClipDrop do for me?’ Well, let’s take a tour and check out some of the awesome features it offers.

AI Image Generation (powered by stable diffusion)

Let’s continue this review by shedding some light on its AI image generation feature.

For those wondering, “What’s so special about this feature?” let me spill the beans. is powered by Stable Diffusion which is like that secret sauce that takes a dish from “good” to “mind-blowingly delicious”. It harnesses the power of advanced artificial intelligence to create high-quality, mesmerizing images from simple prompts.

Let’s put this to the test.

I’ll go ahead and select ‘Stable Diffusion XL’ here, then key in a creative prompt and hit generate.

And just like that – we have four impressive AI-generated art pieces.

Feeling experimental? ClipDrop offers a diverse range of art styles – Anime, Photographic, Digital Art, Fantasy art, and so much more. review

I have a soft spot for the Comic Book style, it’s always a crowd-pleaser!

Need some inspiration? Check out the plethora of examples listed below.

Clean Up Tool

Transitioning to another feature that intrigued me on ClipDrop: the ‘Clean Up’ tool.

Haven’t we all had that moment where an almost-perfect photograph is marred by an unexpected photobomber or an unwanted element?

I certainly have!

The ‘Clean Up’ tool promises to be that magic wand we’ve all yearned for.

clipdrop clean up tool

Just a few clicks and those undesirable elements? Consider them vanished. The sophistication with which this tool operates, maintaining the natural look of the photo, is genuinely remarkable.

With a few simple clicks, you can remove objects, blemishes, people, or even text from your pictures. It’s like having a magic wand!

Image Upscaler

The ‘Image Upscaler’ feature in ClipDrop – is an absolute gem for those pixel-perfect moments. Ever had an image that you loved, but it was just too grainy or lacked resolution for that big print or presentation? This is where ‘Image Upscaler’ swoops in like a hero.

clipdrop image upscaler

Instead of just enlarging the photo, which often results in quality loss, this tool intelligently enhances and refines the image, preserving its details.

The transformation is not just about size; it’s about clarity and finesse. With ‘Image Upscaler’, blurry memories get a clear, vivid lease on life. Truly, it’s a boon for image enthusiasts and professionals alike!

Relight Feature

Next in line is ClipDrop’s ‘Relight’ feature.

Lighting is the heart and soul of any visual composition. A well-lit shot can evoke emotions, tell stories, and captivate viewers.

However, we don’t always capture the perfect light, do we?

Enter ‘Relight’. With this remarkable feature inside Clipdrp, the power to adjust and perfect the lighting post-capture becomes a reality. Whether enhancing highlights or introducing moody undertones, ‘Relight’ accomplishes it with a finesse that’s almost surreal.

Background Removal and Background Replacement

Diving further in, we discover the background removal and replacement tools. These AI tools are designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. Whether you want to remove a chaotic background or insert a dreamy one, these tools have got you covered!

In the digital age, backgrounds can make or break an image. Whether it’s for a professional presentation, social media post, or personal project, the ability to control and manipulate the backdrop is invaluable.

With this feature inside, with just a few clicks, unwanted distractions fade away, leaving the subject in pristine focus. But ClipDrop doesn’t just stop there.

The background replacement tool steps up the game, allowing users to transport their subjects to entirely new landscapes, moods, or aesthetics. Imagine taking a simple portrait and placing it against a serene beach sunset or an urban skyline.

Stable Doodle Feature

The ‘Stable Doodle’ feature is ClipDrop’s fascinating brush with magic!

Let’s be real, not all of us are gifted with the hands of a seasoned artist. Many of us can barely scribble a rough sketch.

But with ‘Stable Doodle’, these quick sketches are not just respected but celebrated. Input your doodle, even if it’s the most rudimentary sketch, and watch in awe as it metamorphoses into a lifelike image.

clipdrop stable doodle

Dreamt of sketching a breathtaking landscape but were limited by your drawing skills? Or perhaps a whimsical creature from a bedtime story? Feed your vision to ‘Stable Doodle’, and watch as it takes shape into stunning illustrations or character-rich creatures.

Text Remover

The next tool inside ClipDrop is the ‘Text Remover’ which helps you remove text from any image. How many times have you come across an impeccable image marred by some unwanted text, be it watermarks, captions, or random annotations?

The text remover inside works by extracting text from images while ensuring the background remains intact and undistorted.

Uncrop Feature

And let’s not forget the ‘Uncrop’ feature, a game-changer in the true sense. It can generate or extend bodies and backgrounds in your photos, literally breathing new life into them.

In this day and age, where photos are constantly shared, cropped, and reformatted for various platforms, there’s often that niggling wish: “If only I could undo that crop or extend that beautiful background just a tad more.”

Well, the ‘Uncrop’ tool inside is here to make those wishes come true. Imagine having a photo, perhaps one where a beautiful sunset gets abruptly cut off, or a group photo where someone is just half in the frame.

With ‘Uncrop’, you can essentially “stretch” that photo, extending the background or even adding parts of the image that seem to have been lost forever.

But it doesn’t merely stretch or duplicate existing pixels haphazardly. It intelligently discerns the patterns, textures, and content of the image to create a seamless extension that looks natural and coherent.

Other Features and API

ClipDrop is packed with many more features, than the ones mentioned above, some of which are best suited for professionals.

One more thing before we wrap up – ClipDrop also offers an API, which means you can integrate its AI into your own apps. Pretty cool, right? Pricing

You can get started with Clipdrop for absolutely free. But you will have watermarks on your work. Also, there are usage limits.

There is also an upgrade option.

I believe there is a minimal monthly charge of approximately $5 which gives you increased limits of 1500 images per day of AI art generation and 1000 images of the Uncrop feature.

Other than these you get unlimited access to all the remaining features. Review Verdict

From the get-go, it’s evident that ClipDrop isn’t just another entrant in the crowded space of digital tools. It stands tall as a testament to what’s achievable when artificial intelligence meets creativity.

This isn’t hyperbole; it’s an observation after witnessing the myriad of functionalities that ClipDrop brings to the table.

The capabilities of this tool stretch far beyond the traditional.

At its core, it democratizes design and photo editing, making advanced editing features accessible to both novices and professionals.

The power to transform doodles into lifelike images, uncrop photos to their original splendor, and harness the Stable Diffusion technology showcases the potential of AI-driven design.

But where ClipDrop truly shines is in its value proposition.

With a free starter plan, it allows users to dive in and experience its offerings without any initial financial commitment. And if you’re as captivated by its features as I was, the upgrade is surprisingly affordable at just $5 a month.

In the world of digital tools, where subscriptions can often run high, this feels refreshingly accessible.

What I believe is that, while many tools claim to revolutionize the digital space, ClipDrop genuinely holds the potential to reshape how we perceive digital creativity.

Give it a whirl; the digital artist in you will thank you!

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