Best Blogging Niches and Profitable Ideas That Can Make You Money

Do you want to start a blog, but don’t know what to blog about? If you have been thinking of starting a blog but don’t know what niche to choose, here is a list of the best blogging niches and profitable ideas for you to get started right away.

This is a list we created for our own use. But frankly, we neither have the time nor the resources to create a new blog based on each of these niche ideas. And that’s why we are sharing it here. If one or more of the blog niche ideas mentioned below can inspire you to start a blog of your own, it is worth our effort.

Before looking at our list of blogging ideas let’s first get to know what exactly is a blogging niche and why do you need one.

What Is a Blog Niche?

A blog niche is the main topic or the theme of your blog. A niche is very specific and targets a certain group of people who are eager to get the information you share.

Let’s see an example.

If you want to blog about health in general, it can’t be considered a blog niche.


Because it isn’t specific.

Health can mean many things. You can write about weight loss, hair health, women’s health, pregnancy tips, beauty tips etc. in your health blog. ‘Health’ is an industry or a market. It is huge. It can’t be considered a niche.

If you want to choose a blog niche in health, you will have to be specific.

For example, you can choose to start a blog that focusses on helping women over 40 to lose weight. Now that’s very specific. And that’s a good blogging niche.

Similarly, hair loss prevention, acne remedy, post-pregnancy fitness etc. can each be considered profitable blog niche ideas. Read this article where we explain how to choose a niche from scratch, if you want to learn about niche selection, step by step.

Why Choose a Blogging Niche?

Here’s why it is always better to choose blog a niche than going with a general topic when you are just getting started.

Big Industries are Too Competitive

General topics like health, wealth and relationship are too competitive. It is almost impossible to rank for keywords like ‘health tips’ or ‘make money’ in search engines these days.

Meaning, you will have a better chance at ranking your blog by targetting a keyword like ‘acne removal tips for girls under 25‘ than by going after a general keyword like ‘acne‘.

Building and Growing an Audience is Easy

People who search for niche topics online are really focussed. They know exactly what they want, which makes it easier for you to convert them into buying customers and loyal followers. If you can consistently provide good valuable content that solves problems your audience is facing, earning money becomes a piece of cake.

Launching Your Own Product Is Easier

If you want to make money selling your own informational or physical products on your blog, it is much easier to sell these products when you have a targeted audience in a niche rather than an audience with varying interests as in the case of a huge market.

blogging niche ideas

Profitable Blogging Niche Ideas

Now let’s see the different profitable blogging niche ideas we have put together for you from different markets/industries.

Health Blog Niche Ideas

  • Healthy recipes blog
  • Healthy eating blog
  • Health and wellness blog
  • Healthy lifestyle blog
  • Health policy blog
  • Health law blog
  • Vegan health blog
  • Diet and nutrition blog
  • Mental health counselling blog
  • Mental health therapist blog
  • Mental health awareness blog
  • Mental health first aid blog
  • Mental health disorders blog
  • Social media and mental health blog
  • Sore throat remedies blog
  • Mental health apps blog
  • Dietary supplements blog
  • Organic remedies blog
  • Men’s health blog
  • Men health supplements blog
  • Home remedies for heartburn blog
  • Earache remedies blog
  • Women’s health blog
  • Children’s health blog
  • Oral health tips blog
  • Tooth extraction info blog
  • Tooth abscess remedy blog
  • Wisdom tooth pain remedy blog
  • Herbal remedies for health blog
  • Hair health blog
  • Essential oils blog
  • Foods for hair health blog
  • Weight loss tea blog
  • Weight loss programs blog
  • Weight loss surgery blog
  • Keto diet blog
  • Digestive system health blog
  • Prostate health tips blog
  • Probiotics for women health blog
  • Health foods for pregnant women blog
  • Kidney health tips blog
  • Kidney stones blog
  • Kidney infection blog
  • Chronic kidney disease blog
  • Kidney transplant blog
  • Eye health tips blog
  • Eye floaters blog
  • Eye stye blog
  • Eye anatomy blog
  • Gout remedies blog
  • Weight loss foods blog
  • Juice diet blog
  • Intermediate fasting blog
  • Cure depression blog
  • Diet for weight gain blog
  • Diet meal plans blog
  • Hypertension diet blog
  • Salad diet blog
  • Diet pills blog
  • Soup diet blog
  • Pregnancy diet blog
  • Diet chart generator blog

Business, Money and Career Blogging Niche Ideas

  • Personal finance blog
  • Computer career blog
  • Make a living as a writer blog
  • How to make money online blog
  • How to make money blog
  • Make money on YouTube blog
  • Make money apps blog
  • Commodities blog
  • Debt management blog
  • Derivatives blog
  • Economics blog
  • Foreign exchange blog
  • International business blog
  • Leadership and management blog
  • Online business ideas blog
  • Cryptocurrency blog
  • Affiliate marketing blog
  • Email marketing blog
  • Social media marketing blog
  • Make money with smartphone blog
  • Blogging tips blog
  • Work from home ideas blog
  • Make money on social media blog
  • Make money at home blog
  • Work at home jobs for moms blog
  • Make money without investment blog
  • Passive income ideas blog
  • Stock market ideas blog
  • Investment tips blog
  • Insurance niche blog
  • Earn money with eBooks blog
  • Information product business blog
  • Make money on Instagram blog
  • Make money with surveys blog
  • E-commerce business tips and ideas blog
  • Drop shipping blog
  • Career in 3d printing blog
  • Make money playing video games blog
  • Career in creating apps blog
  • Web designing blog
  • Earn money creating videos blog
  • Make a living selling stuff online blog
  • Make money sending emails blog
  • Make money with Adsense blog
  • Make money in real estate blog
  • Freelance writing blog
  • Fast money making ideas blog
  • Outsourcing blog
  • Online jobs blog
  • Job search blog
  • Data entry career blog
  • Human resource jobs and career blog
  • Part time jobs info blog
  • Nursing career and jobs blog
  • Construction jobs and career blog
  • Hospitality career and jobs blog
  • Administrative assistant career blog
  • Virtual assistant career and jobs blog
  • Physical therapist career blog
  • Physician assistant career and jobs
  • Entry level jobs blog
  • Engineering career blog
  • Online trading tips blog
  • Stock photography career blog

Spirituality and Alternative Beliefs Blog Niche Ideas

  • Meditation music blog
  • Transcendental meditation blog
  • Mindfulness meditation blog
  • Meditation apps blog
  • Sleep meditation blog
  • Vipassana meditation blog
  • Guided sleep meditation blog
  • Body scan meditation blog
  • Gemstones blog
  • Healing crystals blog
  • Astrology blog
  • Vedic astrology blog
  • Vastu shastra blog
  • Daily horoscope blog
  • Chakra blog
  • Kundalini blog
  • Meditation techniques blog
  • Tarot card blog
  • Feng shui blog
  • Twin flame blog
  • Numerology blog
  • Angel numbers blog
  • Spirit animal blog
  • Palm reading blog
  • Tantric blog
  • Reflexology blog
  • Mindful eating blog
  • Walking meditation blog
  • Chinese astrology blog
  • Sign compatibility blog
  • Birth chart blog
  • Psychic power blog
  • Third eye blog
  • Affirmation blog
  • Law of attraction blog
  • Binaural beats blog
  • Manifestation techniques blog
  • Vision board blog
  • Lucid dreaming blog
  • Colours psychology blog
  • Yoga poses blog
  • Yoga pants blog
  • Yoga mat blog
  • Hatha yoga blog
  • Kundalini yoga blog
  • Aerial yoga blog
  • Yoga music blog
  • Bikram yoga blog

Mindset and Relationship Niche Blog Ideas

  • Personal values blog
  • Self discipline blog
  • Mindset quotes blog
  • Learn a new language blog
  • Self confidence blog
  • Habits blog
  • Marriage blog
  • Compatibility blog
  • How to live blog
  • How to conquer fear blog
  • Relationship advice blog
  • Finding love blog
  • How to break up with someone blog
  • Long distance relationship blog
  • How to manage toxic relationship blog
  • How to attract women blog
  • How to attract men blog
  • How to date blog
  • Find your purpose blog
  • Find your passion blog
  • Best relationship books blog
  • Friendship blog
  • Personality development blog
  • Dream analysis blog
  • Insecurity management blog
  • How to overcome introversion blog
  • Cognitive dissonance blog
  • Morality blog
  • Intuition blog
  • Optimism blog
  • Motivation blog
  • Quotes blog
  • Memory improvement blog
  • Procrastination blogs
  • Loneliness blog
  • Mindfulness blog
  • Marriage counselling blog

Lifestyle Blog Niche Ideas

  • Alternative energy blog
  • Hair styling blog
  • New parents advice blog
  • Single forever blog
  • Conservation & efficiency
  • Work from home outfit blog
  • Book review blog
  • Wallpaper framing blog
  • Parenting tip blog
  • Single parent blog
  • Children’s name blog
  • Plus size blog
  • Movie review blog
  • Barbeque blog
  • Baking blog
  • Cooking blog
  • Drinks & beverages blog
  • Recipes blog
  • Special diet blog
  • Special occasions blog
  • Vegetables or Vegetarian blog
  • Wine making blog
  • Architecture blog
  • Art blog
  • Body art blog
  • Dance blog
  • Fashion blog
  • Film & television blog
  • Humor blog
  • Magic tricks blog
  • Music blog
  • Photography blog
  • Theater blog

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