How To Start a Blog on WPX Hosting -The Step By Step Guide

As the title suggests, in this article we are going to show you how to start a blog on WPX hosting. When we say ‘start a blog’ in this article, we are only referring to WordPress blogs and not the other kind of blogs that are started on different content management systems.

If you don’t already know what WPX hosting is, it is a premium managed WordPress hosting company. Yes, they are focussed on hosting and managing only the WordPress websites and blogs, and nothing else.

WPX hosting is the new rising star in the world of web hosting. This company offers fast, reliable, and top class WordPress hosting, for a relatively lower price than its competitors. Its support is amazing and user interface intuitive and smooth.

Because of these features, WPX hosting is gaining a lot of popularity among bloggers and internet marketers recently. We are also one of the WPX customers and have been using WPX hosting for our blogs for quite some time now. Frankly speaking, we are delighted with it and have had no issues so far.

start a wordpress blog on wpx hosting

After we started using WPX hosting, we noticed that search engine rankings and traffic for some of our blogs have significantly improved. We are not saying that WPX hosting is the only reason for the improvement of our search engine rankings, but they definitely are one of the factors.

Now, let’s see how to start a blog on WPX hosting.

But before that, let us clarify one thing. WPX hosting isn’t anything like the typical low cost shared hosting plans. WPX offers premium services. So their pricing structure is on the higher side when compared to the low cost shared hosting plans.

If you are looking for cheaper web hosting solutions, WPX hosting may not be the right hosting for you. But if you are looking for web hosting that offers great speed and performance, at a relatively lower price, WPX hosting is the one to look for.

Visit the following link, if you want to read our complete WPX hosting review. We have also included a WPX hosting coupon code there, which gives you 50% off on your first-month bill.

This is How to Start a WordPress Blog on WPX Hosting

We will be using a domain we registered at Namecheap to start the WordPress blog on WPX. Read this article, if you don’t know how to register a domain name.

Start a WordPress Blog on WPX Hosting (Video)

Signing Up for WPX Hosting

To get started, you will need to sign up for the WPX hosting. As mentioned earlier, we have a coupon code for you to get started. Here is the link for WPX hosting coupon code.

Once you have grabbed the coupon code, head on to the WPX hosting website. Click on the ‘Start Now’ button to get started.


Now, on the next page, you can choose your billing cycle and the plan. WPX offers 3 hosting plans. Business, Professional and Elite. We are currently on their Business hosting plan which supports 5 of our websites. That should be more than enough for newbie bloggers.

Also, you can either sign up for the monthly billing cycle or the yearly billing cycle. With the yearly billing plan, you get the Business web hosting for only $20.83 per month.

If you would like to choose the monthly plan, use the WPX coupon code we gave you earlier to get the first-month web hosting for only $12.5.

To continue further, choose the plan and click on ‘get started’. You can choose either the ‘US’ servers or the ‘UK’ servers to host your websites. Choose the one, depending on your audience location, and continue further.

start a blog on wpx hosting

Now, on the next page, you can either enter a domain name you already own or can register a new one at WPX. We will be using the one which we have already registered at NameCheap. Enter the domain name and click continue.

wpx hosting domain

Now on the next page, we will need to finalise the billing cycle. As mentioned before, if we choose the yearly billing cycle, we can get approximately $50 Off. If we choose the monthly billing plan, by using the coupon code, we can avail 50% discount on the first month bill.

Choose the billing cycle, enter the coupon code that you got from our website if you choose the monthly billing plan, and click on ‘continue’.

On the next page, we need to enter our personal information like the first and last names, billing address, phone number, etc. Once we are done with that, we can choose either PayPal or the credit card to make the payment.

Welcome Email

Once the payment is processed successfully, WPX hosting sends us the confirmation email titled the ‘welcome email’ that contains all our login, FTP, nameserver and other important details.

wpx hosting welcome email

Pointing Our Domain Name To The New NameServers

To connect our existing domain name to the WPX hosting, we need to point our domain to the WPX NameServers whose details are included in the ‘welcome email’.

Now we will head over to our NameCheap account and login. Once inside, we will access the domain that we want to connect with the new WPX hosting, and click on the ‘manage’ button in front of the domain name.

connecting domain with wpx hosting

Now, on the next page, go to the nameservers section and choose the ‘custom DNS’ option. Enter the WPX nameserver details here and save the changes.

changing dns

It may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for the NameServer changes to take place. Once the changes have taken place, we need to login to the WPX account and install SSL and WordPress on our domain name.

Accessing Our WPX Account

Now, we can use the login details that we received in the welcome email, to access the WPX hosting account.

Once inside, go to the ‘My Services’ section and choose ‘WordPress hosting’. There, choose your hosting account. Right now, you will have only one account.

Now, click on ‘Manage Services’.

my services

On the next page, choose ‘Websites’.

Now, all the websites you have connected to the WPX hosting will be listed as shown in the picture below.

Now, to install SSL and WordPress all you need to do is click on the respective buttons in front of the domain name you want them to be installed on. Just click those buttons and everything will be done within a few clicks of the button.

We have already installed SSL and WordPress on our domain name, so we won’t be repeating that step again.

install ssl wordpress wpx hosting

And that’s it.

You have successfully launched your WordPress blog on WPX hosting.

Once the installation of WordPress on your domain is complete, an email with your login details will be sent to your registered email address. And that’s how to start a blog on WPX hosting.

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