How to Earn Passive Income from Blogging About Your Favourite Topic

Do you want to make money from twiddling your thumbs? Or do you need a passive income stream in order to avoid the soul-sucking workday grind? You’ve heard the term “passive income” before, but do you know what it means or how you can earn it?

Passive income is when you earn money even when you’re not working. Relying on passive income is a brilliant long-term strategy for any entrepreneur, freelancer, or business owner who is just starting out.

Most people associate passive income with the stock market, real estate investing or creating their own product. However, there are other ways to earn passive income.

One of these ways is through blogging. Blogging is like a business, and bloggers need to treat it as such.

Making money through blogging seems like a dream for many people. It’s a reality for some, but not for all.

The good news is that thousands of people around the globe today are earning passive income through blogging. In fact, it’s much easier than creating passive income sources in the real (offline) world out there.

Starting a blog can be a fun way to bring in some extra income. Once you’ve started making money blogging, you can even take your passion a step further and turn it into a full-time career.

For entrepreneurs who are looking to make money from their blogs, the prospect of earning passive income can be a very lucrative proposition.

But before proceeding let me tell you one thing.

Making money from your blog is not a get rich quick scheme. It isn’t an easy task either. It needs lots of hard work, persistence, and patience.

How to Build a Passive Income Blog?

As mentioned above, passive income is money earned in exchange for time, effort, and skill, with little or no additional work. It’s called passive income because once you have set up the system, there isn’t much else for you to do in order to continue receiving the money.

This business model is really attractive because it allows you to generate income without actually working at the company or elsewhere. It’s the Holy Grail for anyone who wants to make money working online but doesn’t want to deal with constant work.

Now, you have to get certain things right if you want to earn passive income blogging. Here are some of them.

passive income blogging
Earn Passive Income from Blogging

Choosing the Right Niche

The first step when you decide to start a blog is choosing a niche. A niche is a very specific topic or area of interest that you’re going to write about on your blog. I think the most important thing to do when you first start your blog is to take a long, hard look at yourself.

Choosing the right niche is crucial to your blogging success. When you blog about something you’re passionate about, you can write with more enthusiasm and conviction. You can also spend more time on each post because it’s something you love, which means you’re less likely to burn out. There’s nothing worse than writing about a topic that you don’t care about.

Here are some profitable niche ideas for your passive income blog.

Choosing the Right Blogging Tools

In order to find success with your blog, you have to invest in the right tools to help you run your website. There are many different tools to help you run your website, but the most important ones are going to be the basics: a blog platform, a domain name, and web hosting.

Blog Platform

A blog platform can be called a communication system which is a great way to build relationships and gather feedback from readers and customers. Blogging platforms are great for helping you build your authority within your niche and build an audience.

These are crucial pieces of any blogger’s toolbox. You’ll want to pick a blogging platform that’s easy to use and integrate into your existing workflow.

When choosing a blogging platform, it’s also very important to choose something that is simple to publish content. You want to make sure that you don’t have to spend a long time fiddling with your blog in order to get your articles published.

When it comes to blogging platforms, there are so many to choose from. You have the big ones, like WordPress and Blogger, but there are also some new, niche players like Squarespace, Medium and Wix.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world, and it’s free to use. A lot of bloggers use it because it’s easy to use and there are thousands of free themes and plugins that you can use to make your blog look pretty and feature-rich.

Domain Name

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when building your blog is choosing your domain name. A domain name is the web address for your website like

It’s important to choose a domain name that is relevant to your area of expertise, to the content you plan to put on your blog, and to what you want to achieve with your blog. It’s also important to choose a domain name that is easy to spell and easy to remember. Also, it shouldn’t be very long.

Domain names are simple to register. You just need to go to a domain name registrar, like and search for available domain names.

You can register a domain name through any domain name registrar, such as GoDaddy, NameCheap, or HostGator. You should also check out Google Domains if you’re looking for something a little simpler.

The one we use is NameCheap. You can learn from here how to register a domain name step by step.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is the backbone of your blog. It’s where your blog files are stored and where you can upload files like photos, videos, and files. It’s important to choose a web host that has plenty of free storage and bandwidth so you have room to grow.

While you can certainly blog on a free platform like, you’ll get a lot more out of your blogging experience if you build your blog on your own hosting space, because it gives you total control over your blogs content, what you do with your blog, the way your site looks, the way it’s structured, and the way your content is presented.

If you are planning to start a blog, it’s important to pick the right web hosting service for the job. The chosen web hosting for your blog should have good uptime, good customer support and ideally, unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

You can choose from three different types of hosting: shared hosting, VPS servers, and dedicated servers.

Shared hosting is the most affordable option and is usually enough for most bloggers. VPS servers are a step up from shared hosting. A dedicated server is a type of web hosting solution in which you have exclusive usage access to an entire server.

This is usually for businesses that require a lot of bandwidth and storage. Dedicated servers are great for hosting large e-commerce stores that have a lot of traffic, or for large organisations that require a lot of IT infrastructure.

Other Tools

There’s a lot of cool new tools out there like Canva, which is a great way to create cool graphics for your blog, or Grammarly, which will help you make sure your spelling and grammar are always on point.

Now let’s quickly have a look at the different ways to earn passive income blogging.

Best Ways to Earn Passive Income from Blogging

Earning passive income from blogging is a bit like getting a raise from your job. You’re just doing the same work and doing it well, but you’re earning more money because of that consistency. There are many ways to earn passive income from your blog, but you have to be willing to experiment and be patient.

You can monetise your blog in many ways. You can do sponsored posts, sell products from your blog, share affiliate links, or even sell your own products. The key is to find a way to monetise your blog that makes sense for your audience.

If you’re blogging to make money, you need to treat it like a business. Remember, there are many ways to earn passive income from your blog, but you need to create a blog that is of interest to a large enough audience that they will appreciate your hard work.

Make Money Through Advertising

When you get to a point where you’re creating valuable content for people on a regular basis, then you can start to think about monetising your blog. This can involve selling your own products or recommending other products or services. There are lots of ways to monetise your blog.

If you’re just starting out, adverts are a good way to bring in a small amount of passive income. There are many different types of adverts out there and it’s important to choose the right ones for your audience.

Advertisements work best if they’re native to your content. For example, if you’re writing a blog post about the best running shoes, then you can include an ad for a specific pair of running shoes.

By using advertisements on your blog, you can make money from your blog without having to spend much time on it. You can try your hand at Google AdSense or, which let you display relevant ads on your site in exchange for a portion of the profits.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money blogging. Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s product or service, and when they make a sale, you get a commission. It’s a win-win because you’re promoting products you like and you’re earning commission for doing so.

There are a lot of affiliate networks out there that work with bloggers and brands. Also, there is a lot of different ways to make money through affiliate marketing. You can do it by using your blog content, social media channels, email newsletters, and search engine optimization.

You just need to find a company that offers affiliate marketing programs then sign up to their affiliate program and add links to your blog posts. You can create an account on a network like Amazon’s affiliate program and then include links to products you recommend on your site.

Here are some of the top affiliate platforms to get started with.

ClickBank, JVZoo,, and PayKickStart. There are also Amazon Associates, Rakuten LinkShare, and ShareASale.

You can check out this training to learn more about affiliate marketing.

Make Money Selling Digital Products

One great way to create passive income through blogging is by creating and selling digital products of your own. You can create e-books, online courses, and other digital products on your blog and then sell them to your audience. This can be a great way to make money online without having to depend on advertisers or sponsors.

Digital products can include things like ebooks, video courses, and online seminars. You can even create a membership site that requires people to pay a monthly fee in order to access all of your content.

Passive Income Blogging Selling eBooks

Selling eBooks is an excellent way to build a community around your blog because it makes it easy for them to get more content from you. If you’re selling books on Amazon, the Kindle store, or with a platform like Gumroad, you can use your email list to let your readers know about it and to encourage them to buy.

As a blogger, you’re already used to writing, so writing an eBook shouldn’t be that difficult. It would just be a matter of taking the content you already have on your blog and condensing it into an eBook.

Make Money with Membership Websites

After you’ve built up an audience and have a bit of traffic coming to your blog, then you can start to build a membership site. It’s also a great way to earn passive income because once it’s set up, the income will keep coming in as long as you keep adding new content.

A membership site is a website where you provide exclusive content or tools to paying members. Members can sign up for a monthly fee to access all the benefits of your site.

To create a membership site, you’ll want to create something that people will want to gain access to on a recurring basis, like a weekly or monthly “mastermind” session, a webinar that you host, or a video series that you post every week.

Make Money Consulting or Providing Services

If you’re a natural people person with a gift for helping people, then consider building a consulting business around your blog. You can offer business consulting or marketing advice to businesses that have products or services related to your niche.

Many bloggers use their blogs as a springboard into other businesses like coaching, consulting, speaking and writing books. The great thing about content marketing is that it’s not limited to just writing blogs. You can create videos, infographics, webinars, downloadable guides, slide decks and eBooks.

But this, however, can’t be considered a passive income method.

It used to be called ‘selling out,’ but now it’s called ‘brand building,’ where you leverage your platform to launch a business that’s related to your niche. Michelle Phan is a great example.

Things To Remember If You Want to Succeed With Your Blog

If you want to make money with your blog, you shouldn’t focus on the money. Instead, focus on the value you can provide. People should buy your products or services because they value your expertise, your perspective, and your approach.

If you focus on providing value, readers will be more likely to purchase your products or services.If you don’t offer valuable content, then your audience won’t trust you and they won’t buy from you.

Also, try to create a blog that is different from what is already available out there. Create something that will be able to stand out in a crowd, with something that people will be able to connect to. Secondly, you have to make sure that your blog is updated regularly.

Here are some pointers.

  • You need to have a clear understanding of what your goals are for your blog and what your end game is if you want to earn money online.
  • You need to focus on creating great content on a regular basis.
  • You need to make sure that you build an audience and give them enough reason to come back to your site regularly.

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