Tools I Use For My Online Business

Hi. Below are the online marketing tools and services I personally use and recommend to my readers.

I only recommend products and services to my readers that offer great service and excellent customer support. So you can be very sure about the quality of the products I mention below.

I regularly update this list and add and remove products as necessary. Please keep visiting for best offers online and only buy products that are necessary for your online business.

Let’s get started.

Web Hosting Services

I have used many web hosts in the past to host my websites and also my client’s websites/blogs. I personally use HostGator for my hosting needs but will be changing it very soon.

I will be changing my web hosting to WPX hosting or Kinsta, both of which are managed WordPress hosting providers. Here are the other web hosts I recommend.

WPX Hosting

This is the best hosting provider for 2019, according to me. Amazing features, excellent speed, and performance, and extraordinary customer support for a relatively low price.

I agree it isn’t as cheap as many of the other shared hosting plans, but it isn’t supposed to be. This is a managed WordPress hosting plan and the basic plan supports up to 5 of your websites.

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Kinsta Hosting

Kinsta is another premium web hosting service which tops the charts of the best web hosting providers list every year. The only drawback with Kinsta is its price when compared to WPX hosting.

Kinsta only supports a single website in its base level plan whereas WPX hosting supports five. Apart from that Kinsta is a hosting service which is as good as WPX hosting, if not more.

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Shared Web Hosting Solutions


SiteGround is arguably the best shared hosting service provider of 2019. You can get started for as low as $3.95/month. Their speed, support, and features are really awesome. But you will have to pay for one or two years at once, as they don’t have monthly payment options for shared hosting plans.

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A2Hosting is another hosting provider which offers great shared hosting plans. They too are very popular for their speed and support. Best of all, you can choose a monthly billing cycle to pay for the hosting. No need to sign up for longer contracts.

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My Favourite WordPress Themes

These are the themes I love to use on my websites and also on my client’s sites.


This is the current theme of this website. It s fast, SEO friendly and very easy to use. I have the unlimited site license for the Schema theme. Customization options are extensive and that’s one more thing I like about this theme. Below are two more themes I like. But Schema theme is still my favorite.

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GeneratePress is an ultra-lightweight WordPress theme which is very fast and secure. This theme follows a freemium model. You can get GeneratePress for free and use it on your websites.

However, if you want more customization options with premium support and updates You will need to grab the premium version of GeneratePress. It isn’t very costly either.

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Genesis Themes by Studiopress

Genesis themes by Studiopress are long-time favorites among web designers and internet marketers. These themes involve a basic framework called Genesis framework and a set of child themes. All you need to do is install the genesis framework first and then choose your desired child theme.

Genesis themes are fast loading and SEO friendly. As far as the appearance goes, Genesis themes are better than the above two, in my opinion. The only thing I dislike about genesis themes is the lack of extensive customization options.

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Video Creator and Editor Software


This is my favorite screen recording and video editing software. Camtasia is truly beginner-friendly and can be used on both my Mac and PC, without needing to buy separate licenses.

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Creating whiteboard animation style videos used to take excellent graphic designing skills, a lot of cash and a team of designers. Not anymore. Without none of these three, I crank out whiteboard animation style videos within minutes, thanks to the Doodly software.

I can also create blackboard, glass board, green board and other custom-styled videos with this software, both on my Mac and PC.

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This is an animation software which creates animated 3D videos and talking avatar styled videos, the ones where the graphical avatars which appear like humans act and talk like us.

This video creator is very cheap considering the features it offers. You can see this video builder in action using the link below.

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Email Auto Responders

Building an email list is essential for your online business no matter what type of business you run. The two autoresponders I use and love are


ConvertKit is an excellent email list building and autoresponder service that I use which comes with a lot of other features like automation, tagging, landing page creation, etc. This is a very popular autoresponder among IMers, these days.

Its user interface is really stunning. It is very easy to use and Convertkit’s email deliverability rate is also very good when compared to many other autoresponders out there.

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This is the perfect autoresponder for beginners because it is available in the freemium model. You can start using this autoresponder for free which gives you permission to send up to 12000 emails per month to a subscriber list of 1000 or less.

If you want to send more email, get advanced features, or increase your subscriber limit you will have to upgrade to their premium services which also is amazingly cheap. I use their services regularly for many of my niche sites.

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WordPress Plugins I Use


This is the plugin I use for backing up my websites (Vaultpress) and hosting unlimited videos (Video press). Yes, you heard it right. Two of the important aspects of my online businesses are taken care off by this WP plugin.

It backs up my website and also gives me unlimited video hosting for a price of 9$ per month. It is very affordable and also has many other added advantages like detailed analytics, monetization options, SEO tools and more. Check out their page for more information about the same.

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WP Review Pro:

This is a WordPress review plugin which I use on this website and many of my client websites. The star rating I incorporate in my review posts is created using this plugin. It is easy to use and has a lot of customization options.

This plugin also helps me get star ratings for my site in the Google search results.

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Yoast SEO

This is a free SEO plugin I use for the basic SEO needs for all my websites. It can be easily installed from within the plugins section inside your WP dashboard.

Ad Inserter

This is a plugin I use for easily managing AdSense placements on my niche blogs without meddling with the complicated codes of the WP themes. This is available for free from the plugin section inside WP dashboard.

Keyword Tools


Ahref is a very popular keyword research tool with an exhaustive list of features and a large database of backlinks. This tool allows me to find great keyword ideas for my blog posts. With this tool, I can also find out my competitor’s keywords and backlink structure.

But this tool is very expensive. So if you want to find keywords for your blog or website or any other online project my V.A can help you with the keyword research using Ahref. This will be done for a small fee, of course.

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Domain Registration


We use NameCheap to register all our domains. They offer cheapest prices for domain names along with free privacy protection for a lifetime. If you didn’t know, many domain registrars charge an extra fee of $10-$20 per year for privacy protection for each domain name. And that’s why we use NameCheap. They also provide web hosting solutions.

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