Hostgator India Coupons 2022 To Save Upto 50% On Your Hosting in India

Do you want to start a new website or blog in India? If yes, you need a good web hosting provider. Although there are many good hosts out there you need something which is cost-efficient while doing a decent job of hosting your files.

And that’s where the HostGator India comes into the picture. HostGator is a well-known web hosting brand and provides good value for money to its customers. In fact, many of my websites are hosted on HostGator (International).

But if you want to buy a web hosting package on HostGator international website you will need to pay through a credit card, international debit card or PayPal. Well, I am pretty sure that most of my fellow Indian friends don’t have the privilege of credit cards. And that’s where you can use the hosting services provided by HostGator India.

For availing of hosting and other packages on HostGator India, you can use the local currency and the net banking options to make payments. That is very convenient. To sweeten the deal, even more, I have included the HostGator India coupons 2022 below. You can get up to 50% off on shared hosting and other packages. Please have a look at them below.

hostgator india coupons

HostGator India Coupons 2022

Following HostGator India coupons may be time-sensitive. Please click the respective links below to visit the offer pages on HostGator India and to verify whether the hosting coupons for 2021 are still active or not.

Shared Hosting Plans

Coupon for Up to 50% Off On Web Hosting

With this HostGator coupon, you can avail up to 50% deduction on your hosting charges for the various shared hosting plan. You can choose from Starter, Hatchling, Baby and Business plans.

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Coupon for Flat 30% Off On VPS Hosting

With this coupon, you can get the powerful Linux VPS Hosting by HostGator India for 20% less. But you need to apply for a minimum 3 months tenure to get this advantage.

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Coupon for Up to 50% Off On WordPress Hosting

If you want to buy managed WordPress hosting from HostGator India the coupon below will give you up to 50% off on various WordPress hosting plans 2022.

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HostGator India Coupon 2022 for 20% Off On CodeGuard

Codeguard is a reliable website backup service that tracks daily changes happening on your web properties. It keeps your site backed up and safe.  It has also got a malware removal function to help you keep your website and files securely. To get  20% off on CodeGuard use the link below to which I have already added the coupon.

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Flat 20% Off On SiteLock

Sitelock subscription gives your websites/blogs complete protection from Virus, Hackers & Spams. Use the coupon below to get a flat 20% reduction in the price for SiteLock.

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Flat 20% Off On SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate or HTTPS is required to create a secure environment for both you and your customer’s data. It is compulsory for you to have an SSL certificate on your website if you want to accept debit/credit payments. It also helps boost customer trust. Now you can get a flat 20% off on SSL certificates at HostGator India for 2022 using the coupon below.

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Domain Name Coupon Codes

Use the link below to avail discounts on .com, .in and other domains on HostGator India.

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BTW read this if you want to learn how to start a WordPress blog on HostGator.

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